Day 1 is done.

Today was simply one of the best times I’ve ever had in an event like this. I must first thank my mum for letting me use the camera for today, my sailing teacher who excused me from training for just today, and all the fun guys who kept me company during the whole event.

I’ve just uploaded the whole truckload of pictures I’ve taken for today, about 100+ in total, having trimmed down on the useless/bad snapshots. It would simply be a waste not to post any single one for you guys to check out, so I’m gonna do it slowly with my Photobucket account. Just not tonight; I’m tired as hell (can’t believe I yawned so many times during Aniki’s concert) and my feet are in dire need of a massage.

Well, whatever. Just a few pics for tonight, kay? Main article should come in two days or so. That is, if I can still remember today’s events, and if I have the motivation to post everything up here. Just to outline:

– Took tons of pics, with plenty of figure displays, gunpla, cosplayers, booths and stage performers.
– Put my newly learnt camera skills to the test. My shots have improved tremendously IMO. Thanks to Gai and Gordon for their guidance.
– Hung out with Team Blue, Gordon, Panther, Gai, TP, Fariz, EJump, tueac, Actar, Kumo, double, Kurogane (briefly), Darkmirage (briefly), Tragic Comedy (briefly)
– Got to play around with Gordon’s very own Kagamin Figma. Now I know why she’s so popular.
– Took PLENTY of pics of Reiko the MC and Aniki. I think Reiko’s really cute.
– Bought me a Sekirei COSPA shirt, at less than $40. Thanks a billion, buruburu13!
– Planned to buy Figma Tsuruya tomorrow. Looks like she’ll be my first figma instead.

Forgive the graininess. Still learning to work this thing in Program mode. Seems ISO Auto is still too much after all.


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6 responses to “Day 1 is done.

  1. Panther


    Yep was great to get to know you better a little as well, and hang out more.

  2. gordon

    awh! i missed the paperbag cosplayer from guilty gear. i love that game! >.<

    anyway see u again later.

  3. AK

    Today was pretty good too. Believe it or not, I got some pretty awesome pics of May’N too.

  4. Leefe

    I didn’t manage to catch the Faust cosplay. Boooo

    AK I saw you on Day 2… and before I could fight through the wave of people engrossed in Hoihoi-san you disappeared D:

  5. AK

    :P Dang, I didn’t manage to spot you. Like a lot of other bloggers out there.

  6. kakekgila

    i think reiko is really cute too XD. got mroe pics of her to share wid me?

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