TK8315 – Trooping Record


Record of Appearance Duties of TK8315

Enlistment date: 04/Jul/2009

Status: Active



5th: Toy Carnival at Singapore Art Museum – Completed

11th: Mike’s Brithday Party @ Batam – Completed

12th: Cosfest 2009 – Completed


14th: Singapore Toys, Games  and Comics Convention – Completed

29th: Mr. and Mrs. Keith E. Moss’s Wedding – Completed


4th: Deutsche Bank Dinner and Dance 2009 – Completed

5th: Christmas Kettling at Raffles City Shopping Centre – Completed

12th: Birthday Party at Kallang McDonald’s Drive-Thru – Completed

12th: Christmas Kettling at East Coast Seafood Centre – Completed

18th: Simply Toys Branch Opening at Vivocity – Completed

19th: Christmas Kettling at Raffles City Shopping Centre and East Coast Seafood Centre – Completed

20th: Adidas Star Wars Promotion – Completed

21st: Supporting Moe Alkaff at Ice Star Asia – Completed

23rd: Christmas Party Trooping at Modern Montessori Institution (Raffles Place Branch) – Completed

26th: End of Year 2009 – Completed



6th: Storming the Singapore Tourism Board Offices – Completed

23rd: Chingay mini-parade – Completed

24th: Chingay mini-parade – Completed

30th: Chingay mini-parade – Completed

31st: Chingay mini-parade – Completed


1st: Singapore Air Show 2010 Welcome reception – Completed

7th: Singapore Air Show 2010 – Completed

19th: Chingay Parade 2010 – Completed

20th: Chingay Parade 2010 – Completed


11th: O School The Big Groove Concert – Completed


1st: New Moon Big Walk 2010 – Completed

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