Day 2 is done too.

I knew it. Guess I won’t be covering much today either. I got home at only about 10pm last night (it’s 2am on a Monday at press time), and I needed plenty of time to tone down, upload another truckload of pics, and Facebook. Not gonna gripe about the potential-blog-networking people I missed today like Soshi, Windbell, TJHan, LianYL, etc. (because why I have this obsession is really strange to me), or the cosplayers I missed capturing, or the lack of space in my camera to capture a rather hilarious Hare Hare Yukai attempt, or the noise in most of my camera shots (actually, that is something worth griping about. Only exception is at full tilt 12X optical zoom. That is excusable).

Yes, I did manage to get Figma Tsuruya today. Review will come soon I hope. That makes her my first Figma, or mainstream brand figure for that matter, instead of Figma Ryouko which was as planned. I’ll just have to wait till next month then.

I just so happened to wear the same Sekirei shirt as yesterday, and this time I was the only person I know wearing it (unlike yesterday, when I spotted at least two others with that shirt). If you saw the Red Sekirei emblem on a white shirt, that’s me. Yeah, you probably might not have noticed the 5 yen coin, so I wore the shirt instead. LOL.

A lot of new cosplayers came in today, as expected. Some were here for the cosplay competition, no less. I must say, most of them were a lot better than those from yesterday.

Another round of display shelf photography. It would seem the guy at the lonesome corner of some Gunpla demonstration booth had managed to finish constructing and painting his X105 in record time.

The finale of the day was of course, the exclusive May’N performance, which I think is pretty messed up, considering how Mizuki Ichirou is much more better (IMO) and yet has made plenty of appearances throughout the program, while she only makes a single appearance, accompanied by an incompatible sound system (to her remarkable voice that is) and a really drab (REALLY DRAB) ‘autograph’ session. Yeah, at least you had your moment of fame Darkmirage.

Oh by the way, regarding them May’N pics, they are not mine. I just happened to chance upon somebody’s photobucket and nabbed some. I heard from somebody that he took it somewhere close to the VIP back barricade (obviously not a VIP ticket payer now. Smart dude he is), with enough crowd cover on all sides to avoid getting caught by security. Apparently he went full zoom, sports mode, continuous shoot mode. the result? A few really awesome pictures.

So don’t arrest me. LOL. It’s not my fault.

Some more pics to go into my next post. the rest can be found at this offensive guy’s Photobucket.


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3 responses to “Day 2 is done too.

  1. Priscilla


    BOOOO! ^OO^


  2. G2

    Are you sure the offensive guy is not u? Hehe…

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