Orientation 2 (Day Two)

Only two weeks ago, a second round of Orientation took place in my school to welcome the second batch of Junior College (High School) students into the school (ever since God knows when till this year there have been two seperate admissions exercises to stream students into the various junior colleges in Singapore: JAE, Joint admissions Exercise, which took place mid-February this year in contrast to previous years when it would be in April, and PAE, dunno what it stands for, which took place on the 27th of December last year and which was how I got into Meridian Junior College) took place, and the days that me and my fellow Orientation Group Leaders have been preparing and hyping up for during OGL camp have finally dawned on us.

Being the leader that I am, during the three days of orientation I had to get up by 4 and be in school by 6.45. As I found out on the first morning, the PAE batch has had a major reshuffling of houses (classes too, since most people have decided to change their subject combinations. I exchanged China Studies for Literature), and even though I was an OGL under Atlas, my former house, I have been shifted to a class belonging to another house, Callisto (for the curious, our five houses are named Atlas, Callisto, Miranda, Phobos and Triton – Moons of the outer rim planets). At least the girl I like is in the same house. ^_^

We got to meet new friends, some of them PAE students like me who chose to pass the opportunity to be an OGL, a handful of them former classmates, one cheerful bugger who eventually got put into the same class as me (only cos my class has KI, a Philosophy-esque subject), most of them fresh faces from the JAE batch, and one daft punk (pun not intended) named Syahabuddin (Malay) who calls himself Sam and proclaims to do Yoga, and intends to transfer himself out and go to a polytechnic instead.

The first day was all about icebreakers and teaching them our school’s Mass Dances. (I should think all Junior Colleges in Singapore have their own; I gatecrashed Temasek Junior College’s Orientation a few days prior to mine and found out that they were even planning to display theirs to the public by getting the freshmen to perform it at Suntec City.) (Theirs were tremendously inferior to ours, I should say.) (I should also add that they even get their freshmen to do community service during the orientation by folding paper stars for charity or something. How awesomely stupendously fun.) (At least I got to see this really cool half-Japanese tennis-playing chick. Woowee.) The first day was also the day I forgot to charge the batteries of my camera, so I gots no footage at the end of it all. T_T

The second day was all about MMM, Meridian’s Magnificent Marathon, that Amazing-Race-ish game we played and I documented in OGL Camp where we would run around like mad in the Central District, play games and find ice-cream sticks (it’s a quest thing).
This was at our first station at Read Bridge.
The fellows had to forfeit this memory game and duck-walk down the bridge:
This was at a card-arranging game at Fort Canning park:
Every station has this game of Chance Cards. Pick a card, end up wasting your time or a game or two if you’re unlucky, or immediately set out and find the ice-cream stick before proceeding to the next station.
At Vivocity.
For this year’s MMM the organizers have decided to integrate the Amazing Race’s Yield element of the game, so we ended up get yielded at one of our ‘pit stops’ at Somerset train station. We didn’t feel to bad about it though, it only gave us more time to rest and enjoy the air-con.
As you can see, it takes a lot of appeasing to satisfy our station in-charges when they’re not. Mostly it’s just clapping and cheering.
We take every opportunity we can for group photos:
I had to stand on the bus bay to take this one.
Congralutions, go find your ice-cream stick, scram, and don’t tell me I suck at English.
Nice shoes.
amidst all that action in the hall, I found a Triiton sign peacefully resting.
a familiar face; The in-charge of Orientation 2 at the mikea gain with his usual skywards-gazing look.
Yeah, you probably saw this guy bouncing around the hall stage during OGL camp.
This is what you look like whenever you type ‘LOL’. Now tell me, are you really laughing out loud or not?
Only the Miranda and Callisto OGLs were free enough for a group photo at the end of day two. In the end I never got to take Atlas, Phobos and Triton’s.
Here’s Atlas’ unofficial mascot, Salta (actually a friend’s Zinc bag. Yes, it’s a bag, shaped like a bunny. I gave him the idea of drawing the face Rayman-Bunny style, but he wasn’t much of an artist after all).
The reason I chose Companion^3 as my shirt name was cos I was addicted to Portals at that time, and I knew perfectly well that a lot of people were gonna ask me what that means, since Portals isn’t very popular among them. I also knew perfectly well that the token few people who do know about Portls would be very impressed by it, too.

Since I’m tired of dumping my whole gallery here and am aware that not everybody who visits me uses Broadband or is interested in each and every picture I take, I’ll just link you to my photobucket account and you can find out what happens on day 3 (pages 1 to 3, by the way. A lot of things happened, I might dump that into another post).

I should also seriously consider if I should put my comments above or below their corresponding pictures too. I get the feeling above won’t work very well…

And yes, I also need to find out how I can improve on my camera’s image quality. You can see for yourself how… Um, imperfect it is. I think it’s got something to do with ISO, can a camera-versed person help me out here?

And on a last note, is there anybody out there hyped up about Iron Man? (Thought I forgot about my first picture, didn’t you?) I’ll be blogging about that soon.


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5 responses to “Orientation 2 (Day Two)

  1. Nicholas Goh

    Yo Ananda! Remember me?! Hahaha… Hey nice blog you have here… That’s a lot of anime and pics… O.O haha… So just dropped in to say hi! And cya! :)

  2. AK

    Hi Nicholas. Sorry to say, I can’t really remember you that well… :P

  3. ZhangKhaiEn

    Those are some hot girls you’re with.

  4. AK

    OMG A ZhangKaiEn? In my vag- my blog?

    Looks like it’s moar likely than I thought.

  5. AK

    @bunbun: You got it. Thanks for the visits!

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