School, Advertising, and Thanks for the Hits!

Hey guys, I know it’s been a last time since the last post (which I don’t doubt had you Rickrolled), and now that the brief March holidays are here I thought I’d add a few updates on my IRL situation. JC life’s been going smoothly so far, I’m having no problems coping with homework as of yet (I’m in fact starting to develop a liking for doing schoolwork which I deem relatively easy).

Meridian Junior College is starting to become a sort of second home for me, these days. I find myself staying back in school more frequently, whether it’s to watch soccer matches on the synthetic soccer field from the grandstands at the sports gallery, pump some iron at the gym, finish up work assignments in the 2nd level of the library, the quietest air-conditioned place in the college, rent and watch movies for free in the Audio room, or simply chill out at the canteen, a bowl of Gyuudon from the school’s Sakae Sushi outlet beside my laptop, blasting Daft Punk in my earphones to mask the sound of the pouring rain outside, while playing a casual game of Single-Player Risk on the lappie while friends spectate and offer strategies, like what I am doing right now. Now this is the life. The best part is, they offer free wireless Internet too (only when it’s working, of course).

My peers are the most motivating people I know. (Almost) everybody aspires to be a leader, like what the school encourages us to be, initiating social activities like celebrating birthdays and going out for lunches together. They are keen on helping out in schoolwork whenever I need assistance. They offer comments about how I do things, comments that are positive and constructive. They encourage me in whatever I set out to do. Most of all, they are honest and won’t try to put someone down for the fun of it. There’s nothing more I can ask for :D.
My new school uniform, stiff as it still is up to now, is actually really refreshing to wear. I simply love the colour (sky blue if you still don’t know). It dries off quickly after I sweat. I can wear one set for two consecutive days since it doesn’t crease very much. And it does not give off any smell. (^_^)

The teachers here are great too. they’re sporty, outgoing, fun-loving, have good senses of humour, and are always there to lend a helping hand. We have hunky man teachers who not necessarily teach PE who are willing to offer a tip or two about bodybuilding and woman teachers with high-pitched 16 year-oldish voices that schoolboys here take a liking to (my gorgeous Physics teacher for example). Our principal is outspoken, charismatic, understanding and likeable. What more can I say?

Alright, enough of the shameless school advertising. I’d now like to direct your attention to the Advertising section of my blog. As you might have noticed (nor mostly likely have not), since December last year there had existed something called Google ads on my blog. I had actually hoped to drum up some pocket money to support myself (I’d hate to break this to you, but my family’s currently financially strapped at the moment), so I thought I’d give Google a bit of advertising space. As of now my Google Adsense earnings make up a grand total of $0.00 :P. I really do hope that if you see something interesting being advertised on this site, just take the time to click on it and browse through for a moment, it won’t take a lot.

Pretty soon I’ll be putting up another ad, this time to promote a place called, a really neat-looking place where you can tell everybody how wonderful your day went, instead of bitching and going emo about everything bad that happens in your life, which is what LiveJournal is basically for. I might just consider being there myself, seeing how things in my life are going at the moment. I hope you’ll take the time to check it out too when the ad comes out. you guys will be doing me a wonderful favour, and I am eternally grateful.

I am, in fact, already grateful for the fact that you have taken your time to come and read my blog. A recent check on Feedburner ensures that I get hits every day, from a minimum of 14 to a maximum of 42, with all sorts of browsers, all around the world, speaking all sorts of tongues, using all sorts of Operating systems and screen resolutions. I know it’s not a lot of hits comparatively, but I simply can’t ask for more, as this is already good enough for me :D. while I understand that most of you come by hoping I’d post something Otaku once in a while, I must apologize that it hasn’t been very frequent of late due to time constraints and IRL business. However, I do promise that my next post will be very very soon. I’ll do my very best to please, in return for your kindness and time.

Also, here’s just to remind you that comments are still open to the public, and that anybody can speak their mind. I’m open to all sorts of comments, and I’d be more than happy to reply to them. I can already see a small but definite rising trend of increasing comments on my blog, and I’m very thankful for that.

well, till next time. For the Clannad fans with 1200 X 800, this one’s for you:

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  1. gordon

    hi AK, gordon here. i’m from found your post from so decided to come over take a look.

    btw, i *cough* accidentally *cough* clicked on your ads. hope that helps. do come over to my blog as well if you are free.

    cheers! ^^;

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