You know, quite recently, I find that I’ve been growing incredibly lazy.
That’s right. I’m too lazy to do homeworks, too lazy to buy stuff from the bookshop (why bother walking so far just for a black ring file and Love Hina Vol. 6?), too lazy to find a part-time job, remember stuff, especially stuff that happens in school, which is important for this bloggy here, and stuff that needs to be signed by my mum or dad.
I find I’ve even too lazy to blog.
That’s right. You might have noticed that too, seeing how suddenly my posts become infrequent, no longer day-by-day.
I procrastinate too, a lot. Too much. This habit, one that I have cultivated since Primary 3, continues to haunt me to this day. Why, oh why? Why must I be such a boar/bore?
Oh yeah, thanks a lot to Shaun, again. I can’t be bothered to remember what had happened in school today, so I had to refer to your blog again. LOL.
Okay, today’s happenings…
Parade square was wet this morning, because of last night’s rain (rain makes me really sleepy, slept like a log last night. Took me 15 push-ups, a long lazy-cat stretch and a hot shower to wake myself completely). Didn’t have to waste time at the parade square after the Anthem and pledge-taking, we went straight to class while the lower Sec were having their non-strenous morning exercise.
First up, as usual, was Physics for an hour. Ms. Neo took her time to come here, and when she did, I was finally well-prepared. What I mean is, I finally got a Physics textbook, bought with my own Hong Bao money. I had completed Thursday’s Phy homework as well, and I laid that on my desk too. We discussed about some formula thing (according to Shaun). He had also stated that Ms. Neo was angry at us for some reason, that I had no idea about, which I guessed was okay since he added that this really didn’t affect the class in any way.
A. Maths next, with ‘Mrs. Tan’ (why the apostrophes? Find out later). It was all about identities, a new sub-topic in simultaneous Aglebraic equations. Half of the class were really stumped by all the complexities of the methods and stuff, but I thought I could handle all of it quite fine. Maths makes my head concentrate and really get into the mood, and that’s why I like it so much, though the after-effects include dizzyness, slight fatigue, but also satisfaction (sometimes!). Also, I forgot, for the I-don’t-know-how-many-already time, to bring my Edusave form regarding a certain Maths activity that was going to happen in a month’s time or so. Teach reprimanded me for not bringing it. Aw man. I was dead-beat by the end of those two periods.
Up next was Geography. Ranson was acting all sleepy in Mrs. Ramos’ class, and boy, you should’ve seen the look on her face when she found him drooling on his desk, in his beauty sleep. That was the first time I’ve ever seen her so miffed. Ranson was kinda antsy too when I talked to him later. Anyway, we were doing mapwork again, this time with protractors. New skill learned today: Compass direction. No biggy, actually.
English. I was anticipating the return of my journal, which had so nicely been covered up by two pieces of paper on each cover that consisted of a certain Manga/Anime computer wallpaper. I must say it fitted quite well with that small-sized diary. At least it would cover up the girly pink-and-flowers pictures that were originally on it. Wait a minute, that wallpaper was themed around Gunslinger Girl. It had a picture of Henrietta on it. Oh my Gawd. Whatever would Mr. Jae think about it…
Back to the story. We waited for about 20 minutes, before some teacher with obviously graying hair, looking at around 50 or 60, and wearing a Mango brand top with jeans (Oh my goodness. If only I had a picture of it. It was so hideous, such a torture to even look at that teacher) stormed in, greeted us, and immediately assigned us with English classwork from the Workbook. Ugh. I didn’t bring my workbook today, so I just spent the remaining time helping out N.D, Farah and Grace. Those girls kept talking about how I portrayed Justin Timberlake, and N.D was Britney Spears, Farah was Janet Jackson, Izwan was Kevin Federline, and Grace was Cameron Diaz. I think they meant to tease me (all that happened was the teacher made us three stand for the rest of the period), but it actually made me think just how bizarre Hollywood relationships can be. Oh, the complexities.
Recess: Hor Fun from my fave Rice stall. Pretty good, I must say.
Chinese was after class. Xue Lian, the renowned 3E3 Chinaman, sat beside me for the lesson. At my behest, cos I really needed the help with my Chinese. I practically sucked at it. We were supposed to hand up a certain ‘newspaper article review’ today, but truth is, I completely forgot about it (oh, my lazy lazy existence) and hadn’t got it done. Teach, being the kind lady she was (arigatou gozaimasu!), lent me Peggy’s paper to copy out the topic. Copied it, got some good ideas from that essay as well.
E. Maths for one and a half hours, with ‘Mdm. Lim’ (now you know. The same teacher has two names!). We attempted some Maths stuff that included squares, cubes, square roots, cube roots, Algebra and equations. It was all about making an unknown the subject, and rearranging the numbers around so as to find out what that particular unknown means in terms of squares, cubes, square roots, cube roots, and other unknowns. (Shaun, at this point, your blog’s really getting not very useful. I even had to go refer to my textbook to recall what stuff we did today! I’m not blaming you, but try to remember more things next time!)
Social Studies/History with Mrs. Ross, everybody’s least fave teach, was the last period (hurdle to the finish, more like). Did a source-based question about this political cartoon that featured David Marshall (in a traditional Chinese costume) whistling at/courting the Tunku Abdul Rahman (in a traditional Cheongsam. OMG, the picture was so funny). We had to infer, provide evidence, and come up with a conclusion, all which I have mastered in last year’s History classes, thanks to Mdm. Fauziah’s help. Easy sitch, yup-yup.
After school, I had to go about doing NCC stuff. Being the S1 (meaning I’m in charge of administrative stuffs), I have to do up a nominal roll for a Lieutenant, and meet with the Part As and Fawwaz to collect their particulars form and T-shirt money. I had to pass the forms to the Part D S1 later on, and in return he handed me the particluars form of some (not all of) Part Cs and Bs. Ugh, I even forgot when the deadline to hand it up is. Being the admin is damn tough, I tell ya. In the end, I forgot all about lunch, and rushing back home to grab my Bio stuff for later’s lesson.
Bio, with Mrs. K: Did a practical about diffusion in chillies, later on plasmolysis in onion skin cells. I did quite a messy jod cutting the chillies up, ended with my fingers get wet all over with the chilli juices. I washed my hands casually, and wiped my face with some water just to freshen up, too.
It had been a long day. There I was, tearing off a piece of onion skin and lowering it onto a glass slide, when my face started to feel hot. No, the fans were on full-blast.
It was the chilli juices.
Apparently, the stuff all around my fingers were not washed off properly, and it had gotten onto my face. Man, was it flaring up! The pain! My eyes were watering! It was even worse than eating chilli, I felt it all over my freakin’ face! Argh!
I endured (the best and only thing I could do at that moment) the burning sensation for a while, before it dissipated at last, much to my relief. Continued on with the lesson, did not bring my Bio file, had to ‘fees up to Mrs. K about it, and got a new content page and Monday’s assignment from her. I needed Monday’s assignment, cos I had a dental appointment then and had to miss class.
Wait a second. This paper I got isn’t Monday’s assignment! It was Thursday’s!
Oh crap. What now? I can’t find my Edusave form anywhere, Bonus Stage has ended abruptly, I still have my nominal roll to finish, Shaun and Stacie are an item(?), and it’s already bed-time while I type.
Oh well. Let my lazy self get the better of me right now. The guilty side of me is gonna have a hard day tomorrow. Better work my quick-thinking side of me soon, and make up some excuses.
Good night.

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