As it turns out, I haven’t changed the welcome video in a long time.
Don’t worry. I’ve just been damn lazy, that’s all.
Turns out the Tag-board isn’t working too. Maybe it’s time for a Shout-box or something. Man, you can’t even make comments too, all thanks to this template. I should try Haloscan too.
Today was a rather tiring day. With help from Shaun’s blog again, allow me to tell you how it went exactly.
Woke up at 7:00 AM today. Crap shit indeed. Took me about five minutes to get changed and packed, quite an outsatnding feat, I must say, never thought anything like that could be accomplished. My bro wasn’t really happy though…
Today’s assembly included the ‘News in Class’ thing again. Forgot what the topics were about though, and Shaun never mentioned it…
Social Studies for an hour was up first. Ross was explaining to us how to tackle an SBQ question. I wasn’t really paying attention, because that five-minute dash which occured right after I woke up had left me feeling rather lethargic. I slept throughout nearly the whole lesson, just enough to refuel and not get caught at the same time.
Physica for another hour, next. Ugh, why must all the boring subjects taught by not-so-good teachers be put together? I succumbed to my deep sleep again, while Ms. Neo droned on and on about Thermometric stuff and things like that.
Halfway through the lesson, though, Yan Hao had apparently done something displeasing out of his absolute boredom, and that cost him his seating priveleges (he got sent out of the class, another one of local schools’ childish punishments). I think he had uttered a swear word or something like that (you tell me, a word that sounds so alike with ‘basket’, is that a swear word?), and Ms. Neo got mad.
Whatever. I don’t care.
P.E. time. Mr. Koh had organised a rally-robin sort of competition for the class, something like one side of the court versus the otehr, the winning side moves on to the court to their right to join the previous losers. Our team consisted of me, Chinaman Xue Lian and the 100% Badminton noobie, Fad. Everything went really well at first, Fad was left out of the game while two of us took on some three-person teams, we moved on for about three times, I think, and that was when Koh noticed Fad wasn’t participating, and asked him to join in the game.
That was when we started losing. Everyone knew how noobish Fad could be, so they always aimed the shuttlecock at his direction. None of those shots he was able to return. How sad. I never took it too hard, though, just offered to train him in the game if he had any time over the week. He said he’d think about it, but I already know it’s a no answer. I can tell.
Recess time, finally tracked down Mdm. Wong (former form teacher) for my Yearbook. it looked really good.
After recess, Mr. Sim called all the Part C (that’s me!) NCC boys to gather at the courtyard. He was supposed to choose 6 of us to take on the Mount Ophir expedition during the March holidays. It would clash with the Sec 1 NCC camp though, he added. I didn’t care for the Sec 1 camp. I volunteered. Each of us 6 received this application formIt looked really really formal and even required us to take a medical test and get a doctor’s signature. Must be really serious stuff.
Mothertongue for one period was next, by the time I got back there were only fiftenn minutes into the lesson left. For some reason, Pris didn’t turn up for class again like yesterday. To think I had planned on wishing her a belated birthday during that lesson. I totally forgot about it until Friendster sent me a notice. Whoohoo! Another 15 year old has grown! For today’s lesson we were learning some words from a textbook passage. LXL (Liu Xue Lian, what I’m gonna call him on my blog from now on) was a really great help, I can’t thank him enough for that.
English was next, Jae took us to the AVA room for a lesson about effective writing. It was all about how one can shorten long sentences and phrases by using simple words, and about Active and Passive vioces, and when to use them. Really interesting, I could pick up a lot from there.
Went back to class afterwards for Maths with Mrs. Tan/Mdm. Lim. Told her I lost my Edusave form, she merely gave me another one. She went through the homework assignment with us, I finally knew how to solve those irritating questions. Yayness!
Chem was the last lesson for the day. The class went to check out or Copper Sulphate crystals. Mine didn’t do so well, unlike some others whose crystal shapes were really amazing.
School ended, and it was time for anotehr NCC meeting. The Part As were there, they handed up their particulars form (except for a few lazy people) and I collected it for the Nominal roll I was supposed to complete by Friday. After that the Pact Cs gathered again to get split up into their sections. I was the leader of Section 1, handling admin stuff.
I left school later and headed for the Manga shop and bookshop nearby. I finally got the motivation to go on and grab my Love Hina and black ring file. From there, I went on to Temasek Polytechnic, where some inter-school volleyball games were being held, just to see how the Dunman Sec boys were doing, since I used to be part of them. The walk there was painstaking, but I made it.
Met with the Junyuan Girls team at the courts, they were on their way back. I asked some of them how the game went. For some strange reason, they called S. Mei to deal with me. I asked her how the game went. She told me to go find out for myself.
Coyly? I don’t think so.
I found the Dunman boys at last, chatted with them for a while, agreed to meet them tomorrow again. Went back feeling damn tired, took a nice long nap right after finishing with my Manga.
That’s it for today, just gonna visit some ‘Learn Japanese’ site to brush up on my Japanese-speaking skills, before I hit the hay. Dewa mata.

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