Whew, I haven’t been here in a freaking long time. I’ve been to places lately, like my Online RPG game or my forums, so I hadn’t really bothered posting here until now.
Tons of stuff happened during the few days of Chinese New Year. Lemme recap…

Okay, we received visitors during the first day of CNY. We had been decorating for the occasion the days before, and man, did our house look great. We even brought in extra chairs and a Mahjong table from dad’s office!
All our relatives came in the early afternoon. And yes, I received my Hong Baos from them. it wasn’t much, really, just over 60 bucks. The rest of my collections, from my parents, were already in my bank account. $100.
I stayed around downstairs for a while for lunch, and the mingle with the visitors for a moment, before going back upstairs to my comp for a short session of Maple Story. You see, the game features an NPC, none other than Cai Shen, and he’s offering a lot of Mesos (Maple Story currency) to anyone who finds his missing red packets. I got about 11,000 Mesos during the hunt. He could actually put up as much as 10,000,000 Mesos for finding his Hong Baos, I learnt from some very lucky fellow Maplers later on.
Anyway, the next day, me, my sibs and my uncle went the Wild Wild Wet at East Coast. We last went there January 2nd, and this time was just as fun. The place was great, though I got a bit queasy at the wave pool, got sunburnt at the lazy river (I was lying face-up on a float, you see), and got cold all over while waiting for my turn at the large slide (it was way up high, you see, and I had just emerged from the water). Still, I enjoyed it a lot.
After that… Well, life returned to mornal. That’s it.

More school updates coming up soon. Heh.

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