Dear Beloved Readers and Subscribers of my blog…

It is unfortunate that my personal life blog and otaku blog have to be in the same page. Sadly this is the case, as this blog has indeed started off as a personal life blog, so I feel it is only appropriate that my life rants continue to go here instead of somewhere else. After all, the blog URL says ‘Our World’ in Japanese, but I am still part of this world after all. I guess you can say this is the advantage, or disadvantage of my blog in comparison to other otaku blogs.

My parents were involved in a very bad squabble late last night, which lasted till about 2 am this morning. It wasn’t anything new, and not as serious as last times, thankfully. I believe it had something to do with my dad, in his usual nighttime drunken stupor, criticizing mum about her work-over-family priorities that evening. This came about when he found out that morning that I was at mum’s office helping her set up a new printer, when I was supposed to be at home working on dad’s admin assignments with the home computer. I did get back to his work later in the afternoon, but made little progress as I still had to share the computer with my siblings, since mum’s brought the laptop to work. Dad was really frustrated, cos he was the one who keeps telling me that he has taken good care of the family, and that all of us are indebted to him. He criticized my actions of helping mum out in her office by questioning if I owed her company anything. In a fit of rage he even tried to delete all my admin work, but thankfully, being the computer-illiterate person he is, didn’t know how. There he was, yelling at me, “I DON’T NEED YOUR HELP!”, and a few moments later shouting, “HOW DO YOU DELETE THIS DAMN THING?!”

I hit the roof too. In the middle of their squabble I put on some clothes (trivia: AK’s always only in his underwear and shorts at home) and run out the door. It was 2am. I decided to take a walk down to the nearby marketplace then back, hoping that the argument had died down by then. a few things I learned from my journey:
The majority of cars going up and down the mostly empty roads are taxis.
At this hour there are still people walking around, usually in pairs (not couples).
The nearby LAN gaming shop was STILL OPEN. The LANMaster and one pudgy 20-something guy were still inside.
This hour is usually when a certain Indian Coffee House gets the most customers. It was practically packed when I walked past.

Today dad’s locked himself up in his room, and mum’s at work again. Even our maid’s taken the day off. Looks like it’s up to me to hold the fort. Wish me luck.

Today’s pix.

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