Xmas Pictures!

Because telling a story with only words is rather tedious and boring, I’ll use my pictures I took at Orchard Road on Christmas Eve tell the story.
Came out of the Orchard Road MRT entrance. Fought with this crowd on my way to Ngee Ann City. There was a bottleneck way up front, so I ended up getting moshed pretty bad. People were pushing from the front. Even more were pushing from behind. Think I molested a few people (accidentally) during the procession.
Oh, but the lights were so pretty…
Made it to Ngee Ann City. I make it a point to snap a picture of this particular Christmas tree every year.
Had a brief dinner, looked around at Kinokuniya (wanted to get a Kanon picture book but found it too expensive T_T;;), then headed off to the Heeren. Oh, so pretty…
I love big trees. BIG…
With him holding up the sign like that and airing his armpits, it’s no wonder he hasn’t been getting any all night…
Made it to Heeren. Got a pretty nice view from the fourth floor. But that’s not what I went there for. Got a lil’ present from HMV (His Master’s Voice) for somebody special. Costed me $56 altogether, almost 50% of my savings.
Back outside. By now youths with foam spray cans were waging gang wars on each other and innocent passers-by. A very unsafe place to get moshed, cos you have no place to hide.
Alas, I was not spared. That’s it, I’m never stepping into Orchard Road in Christmas Eve again. Guess I’ll have to plan earlier if I’m gonna get next year’s Ngee Ann City Christmas Tree pic.
Did I mention that the gift was for something special? Well, I’m someone special to myself, aren’t I?
This is what costed me $56.
How did your Christmas go?

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One response to “Xmas Pictures!

  1. Stifler

    I spent it like any other day, for that’s how it is for me. Its just like any other day.

    Well, other than the fact that i went over to KKnM and bought over $100 worth of stuff. lol

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