An increasing occurrence that’s happening to me is the lack of things I can think of doing while I’m spending valuable time with the computer. When I turn on the computer, I immediately turn on Windows Media Player, MSN Messenger, and Mozilla Firefox. Player loads first, I run my playlist. MSN opens up, I sign in. Mozilla comes last. Check my subscribed feeds. Drop by at Drop by at Drop by at Check out Windbell’s blog through dannychoo, along with another random Singaporean blogger featured at that website. All done in a matter of 15 minutes. When there’s nobody to talk to on MSN, I log in to Facebook. Frag a random guy in Rise of the Rebellion, then in Counter Strike: Red Team Go. Go off exploring the galaxy in Rise of the Rebellion. Check my Warbook account. Recruit soldiers, build more mines, attack cities. Done in ten minutes. Check out Barren wasteland as always, nothing ever happens there. Check out Crumbling before my very eyes. No place for me there, ever since I took off months ago and only returned recently. Ten minutes gone. It’s not even an hour yet. If I’m in the mood, and my Internet connection works well, I’ll catch up with my anime dosage at Youtube, thus killing me lots of time. If I’m not, I’m left with nothing to do.

Except come here and rant about me being left with nothing to do.

Creating a blog with the theme ‘Tokyo in Singapore’ turned out to be a very bad idea. I used to have tons of ideas for this blog, but by now all that studying and IRL business has made me forget most of them. In the end I’m left with a blog that betrays its title. It’s not fit to be linked from other otaku sites anymore. That’s why I had decided to open up an account so I can revert this blog back into a personal one, while using the blog for otaku-related posts. This is have turned out to be not such a sound idea either, since the staff already have 1000+ other clients to look after when it comes to site setup. As of now I’m still awaiting support for my site…

Sometimes I wonder why I still posts in this blog. Really, nobody’s reading it anymore. Or perhaps I’m hoping for something to happen in future that will draw attention to my blog, so that readers would go back into the pst and read all these rant posts and learn a bit more about this blog’s history and how I used to feel before?

Perhaps so. There’s always hope, as I say. Even when there’s no hope, there’s always hope. Yes, I tend not to make sense sometimes.

I really hope there’s somebody, anybody, reading this post, needless to say my blog.

I just hope.

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