My First Paycheck: $109.50; Even more Obscurity; Depression

After working for three days at Xpress Works, a telesurvey company, doing administrative nonsense and all that, I am finally relieved of active office duty, and presented a paycheck of $109.50 (seems like they want to be accurate to the nearest dollar). No, that doesn’t mean I got fired. I was only supposed to provide extra manpower over a few days to help sort out some stuff. By the way, that company was run by 6 other people around my age, plus a 30-something year-old boss. The environment was very office-like, but the fact that all my colleagues are actually around my age takes a bit of getting used to. We do telesurveys by the way, and I was the main man for keying in data into the computers and generating numbers for my colleagues to call up.

Prom night was dealt with promptly too. Nothing too fancy, just classmates with make-up and fancy dresses. No pictures right now, unfortunately. All I can say was my performance was not worth it. I hate my band. I’m disbanding. Nuff said.

Currently searching for a spot at the SITEX convention. newspaper ads aren’t doing very well at the moment, it would seem that my first interview with a minor comp accessory company had failed (woman promised to call me back the next afternoon to confirm my spot, either that or she forgot), so I’m gunning for another one that only goes for 4 days at the exhibition instead of the full 3. Now I know how hard it is to get a job (that everybody else wants as well).

If you’re reading this, you most probably chanced upon this blog, either by mistake or by Blogger-surfing. I say that because I’m pretty unimpressed at how unpopular my blog is. It seems as though nobody’s reading it at all (or, at least, nobody who’s got a Blogger account and can pass comments). My faith and commitment to this blog is slowly fading, and at this rate I’m getting too lazy to even post pictures. Whatever it is, I still have the will to type. And that’s all I need.

I wish animeblogger would hurry up with my support ticket. I’m still having problems with my account and they don’t seem to care. I have links at various other blogsites but it doesn’t really matter cos no one’s clicking. It’s very depressing, this all is. I can’t do any anime or Japan-related blogging while it’s still awaiting support (yes, I’ll be changing the name and theme of this blog too).

I’m still committed to my other commitments, though. It’s a good thing a new gym opened up within my residential district. It’s not a good thing it’s only open at night.. My story’s coming up very nicely too. But at this rate I’ll need to put it more hours so I can get it done… As for the plot… A Singaporean guy living in Japan. FYI, my blog was inspired by this story, not the other way around. Even though I created this blog first, I had the story forming in my mind way before.

Speaking of which, I have a lot of things forming in my mind which I find very hard to conceive into action. Well, that’s cos I’m lazy. Good thing I know it, so I can find ways to solve this problem. Too bad I’m lazy, so I don’t feel like doing anything to help my laziness at all. See the conflict here?

I’ve decided to get myself a new graphics card for this computer too. Looks like I can’t install any more games on the laptop without getting screwed up by my mummy. Beh. GeForce 8600 sounds good… Wonder if I could pick it up at SITEX, too.

I still have my quiet self-thinking times, and whenever I do I always think about myself in relation to the world. I used to be confident in my upcoming O level results, but after all that ‘I don’t believe you’ crap from my dad, I’m starting to use these quiet times to worry about my O levels instead. Not healthy. Also, I still get envious of people at better positions than me, in terms of popularity, skill or even money (not quoting names). I keep thinking of ways to make myself special, to make myself admired. Yes, I’m an attention seeker, and it was all derived from that precocious thinking of mine when I was very young that went something like ‘it’s my life, I control it, so I want it to be special’. That’s why I’m usually always the oddball of the lot, and people tend to want to make fun of my attempts to be different. They may laugh at me for being different, but I laugh at all of them for being the same.

Ah, whatever. Enough said. Time for a serious workout.

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