19-10-07 Update

My animeblogger.net account is finally open (it runs on WordPress, by the way. Something I’m not used to utilizing)! It’s new and still under construction at the moment, but I promise to clear it up as soon as my O’s are over (which will officially be on the 13th of November, though I expect to have a bit of free time before then). Once that’s done, I’ll commence with my Anime Review posts, starting with a non-mainstream ecchi anime I’ve just gotten acquainted to (thanks very much to Danny Choo). It’s so non-mainstream that not enough info about it is up on Wikipedia yet.

Revisions for the O’s are going smoothly. So smoothly I’m beginning to worry if I hadn’t been putting in enough effort yet. True enough, I haven’t (or so it seems). I can still afford to go arcade-ing and cycling round the park in the afternoons (it’s consultation period now, graduating students taking the O’s don’t need to go to school, they studying wherever they like). And I keep telling myself it’s cos I’ve got a schedule at hand and that freed up a lot of space for leisure, when actually, in the first place, my study hours to leisure hours ratio is alarmingly small.

See how efficient it is to be spotting your own mistakes? Would’ve been better if I were more pro-active and less lazy, then perhaps those mistakes could be more quickly resolved.

Recently I find myself unable to sleep well at night. I would toss and turn in my bed from eleven pm till 2 am plus, and wake up only after eight in the morning. A cause of worry for me as most of my exams would be starting from 8 am onwards. And it would be during the times of insomnia that I would start thinking about all kinds of things, like how successful people like Danny Choo or even Darkmirage are and how I’d wanna be like them, or plot ideas for potential stories forming in my head, perhaps even stuff that I plan to do after the exams (believe me, there’s a lot in mind right now). I never think about studies, unless I had forced myself to get up, sit at my desk and attempt a few more Ten Years’ Series papers (done that a few times now, at least it felt satisfying and tired my brains out).

It’s been getting very rainy and cold recently. Either because the monsoon season’s setting in or the effects of Global Warming are finally taking effect. Increased temperatures in Earth could cause increasingly heavy torrents in tropical areas, which might lead to flooding in Coastal and low-lying lands, so says Nat Geo magazines and Geography textbooks. Not that it really matters to me, but the rainy weather had gotten me wearing pyjamas in the house more often, and had once caused me to crash into another bicycle while cycling back home through Central Park in the rain because it severely limited my visibility and handling and breaking abilities. Ugh.

Now that I have a proper blog for anime and otaku-related stuff, this blog right here may very well revert back to its blogskin-dot-com layouts…

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