Exams are OVAR!!!

Yup, it’s official. It came and went, so quickly that I’m left asing, “what, already?”

Overall, the exams were quite breezy. The subjects weren’t too hard, except for geography and perhaps Physics (surprisingly). English went well, I made sure not to go off-topic this time. My A. Math levels have improved a lot too.

Now that the exams are done and the holidays are at hand, it’s time for me to set out to do what I’ve been planning to do since months ago. In fact, I sorta dreaded the end of exams, because I’m left to pack my schedules with all sorta stuff, mostly tedious work which I’d hate to embark on, though I very must have set my mind to doing. The list is as follows:

1. GET A JOB. (during exams, I compete against my peers in academics. After exams, I compete with them once again for job vacancies)
2. Revive my BF2142 account (currently getting the new patch).
3. Revive my PangYa! account.
4. Remove the excess baggage round my tummy.
5. Build up some bulk on my arms and torso.
6. Fix and get started with my animeblogger account (still awaiting a reply from the staff to my support ticket).
7. Watch and review some anime (Goshusho sama Ninomiya kun and such).
8. Get me some PVC figurines (targeting Minase Nayuki from Kanon and Asakura Ryoko from SHnY).
9. Write a few short stories / novellas (aiming for three).
10. Build a personal custom-built desktop computer.

By the way, this is the first post I’m making on this blog using my new Lenovo Laptop computer. Mom bought it about a week ago. It’s even more advanced than my existing desktop computer that’s about three years old already. Runs on Vista, 1GB of RAM, Nvidia graphics, and Intel Centrino duo.

speaking of new stuff, I also happen to have a new Sony Ericcson K530i. I’ve long since been a supporter of Sony Ericsson, and since I didn’t want to spend a hundred bucks or so for a Walkman 880i, I went for the $0 K530i model instead (comes with student plan). The cool thing about my plan is that can finally use a mobile device to access the Internet. At the moment, I’m using it as a Feed Reader for dannychoo.com.

Pictures of them up soon.

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