OMG Girl Killz Herself over Harry Potter!

JUst a little piece of news which I found somewhere and decided to post here. Nothing to do with Tokyo or Singapore, but a lot to do with the lulzy shit at Encyclopedia Dramatica and Harry Potter.

A girl on the Phils has killed herself over the last book of Harry Potter. OMG SO SAD!

A news report said that the girl and her mother had downloaded what they believed to be the legitimate copy of “Harry potter and the deathly hallows”, apparently from ED or whatnot.

It was actually a fake book (methinks it’s most likely a lulzy fanfiction) in which Harry potter and his friends meet a gruesome end.

The girl’s mother said that her daughter was very “crushed” by the news and locked herself in her room. When mother came up to call her for dinner she found that her daughter had hanged herself in her closet using rolled up bedsheets and a nightgown.

The news reporter interviewing the mother then said that the girls room was filled with all sorts of Harry Potter toys, models, posters, dolls and the six books.


Click on the ED link above for more info about the lulzy things that have transpired over the book, from the ED point of view. Guaranteed fun, n a winrar is u. Dun forget to spam Snape’s lulzy death to Snapesnogger.

All links link to ED. NSFW.


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2 responses to “OMG Girl Killz Herself over Harry Potter!

  1. Alcuin Bramerton

    Harry Potter is true. Harry Potter is scripture. Harry Potter offers a portal out of the matrix. Are these things possible?

  2. AK

    We can only imagine… We can only imagine.

    Still, when I first read this story (about the girl suiciding), I thought she really deserved it. Dumbass.

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