*Cough* *Cough*

The week in general had been pretty interesting. Firstly would be due to that terrible cough I appear to have contracted from my sister. The good part, however, is the day she passed it to me, it was out of her system.

Lotsa things happened in school this week, including one point when I shouted “VOLDEMORT KILLS SNAPE!” into the classroom when no teachers were around. Although, I missed Monday (and Geography ^_^) to visit the doctor and get a medical certificate that grants me absence from school for a day.

The visit to the polyclinic was the second time I went there alone, and I feel a bit embarrassed to admit it. A lot of new things have sprung up since my last visit, like touch-screen ticket-number generators. I felt like a Japanese Grandmother then, not knowing at first where to start.

The whole procedure at the polyclinic took me about two hours, of which the check-up consisted no more than 2%. One and a half hour’s wait for processing and registration, another half hour waiting for my number to flash above the doc’s door, barely 3 minutes getting vital stats checked and MC produced, and another 30 minutes at the pharmacy to get my prescription.

Sometimes when I cough my stomach feels this jolt of pain that accompanies it. I can’t explain it.

And it’s very irritating when I get the urge to cough in the middle of conversation. People would imitate me, repeating my words and inserting coughing sounds. While it’s all in good fun and stuff, I get really bugged by it at times.

A cough and a running nose go together like apples and pears. When I try to stifle a cough by closing my mouth, the air escapes through the nostrils and along with it goes the mucus in those runny pipes. I once spewed a globule on my English assignment while I was working on my desk one night. Yuckers.

ED’s just getting more and more lulzy every day. I particularly liked the article about Oneoneone. Lotsa laffs!!!11onetan(45)cos(0)0.999…eleventy-one

I was at the arcade this afternoon. I realize I’m beginning to get better at King of Fighters 2002. With my usual combination of Rugal, K9999 and Kula, plus a certain little cheat, I managed to pwn not only the computers but two Player 2s as well. My usual tactic is ‘create some distance, jump, C, random joystick movements while mashin buttons, then cancelling into a Desperation Move. I still haven’t perfected the control over the stick, so my moves are pulled off mostly by luck and furious mashing. The results turn out wonderfully enough though.

I’m also tempted to start playing Maximum Tune 3, too. Ah, my very own Nissan Skyline…

One day I’ll bring my camera to the arcade and snap some pictures. That way I can make proper comparisons between Singaporean and Tokyo arcades, Singaporean and Tokyo consoles, and Singaporean and Tokyo gamers.


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4 responses to “*Cough* *Cough*

  1. knicksgrl0917

    hey! i’m going to cali this weekend and won’t be back until september…here is the website i was talking about where i made extra summer cash. Later! the website is here

  2. D

    I’m so sorry. I may be gone when you get back.

  3. AK

    Thanks for that, d.

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