Chinese New Year was great. We had Monday and Tuesday off from school to go about doing all our CNY stuff. On Sunday we had relatives to our place. I’ve never had to play so much Mahjong my whole life.

Monday was free for us to do anything. My brother and I decided to hit the streets, more specifically Bugis Street, to see if any of the shops were open. None, of course, but it was a picture-perfect moment, seeing the street market completely vacant, and snapped photos of it.

Tuesday, I had my classmates from school visit. It was totally unexpected, but nonetheless I prepared the mahjong set again. My parents liked some of my friends, but not a few of them. Possibly because of the way they behaved. I notice it too, and I agree with my folks.

Wednesday, back to school. As usual, a few sets at the pull-up bar with lag assistance. I gotta train up to do at least one. And that includes cutting down on my fats too. I have fats? Sure.

Saturday. Jigsaw Puzzle comptetition day. Signed up for it a few weeks ago. Woke up early in the morning just to ride a train all the way to the west side of Singapore just to attend. It’s at a place called Ngee Ann Ploytechnic. Met school alumni Sean there. His band is still going okay, and he’s taking a course in photography. Nice choice.

Anyways, as it turned out that event wasn’t all about the jigsaw puzzle competition at all. It was more of a presentation by the Nature Photography Club (a boring one at that) about nature, and photography. The Music Conducting club who performed there weren’t that entertaining either.

The hall was pretty chilly by the time the competition got going. y fingers fumbled on the pieces, but in the end our team secured 3rd fastest to finish the 90-piece puzzle, all in a span of 15 minutes. Sounds noobish, but it was harder than it looks. First place? Pioneer Secondary, team [insert number here]. Second Place, Pioneer Secondary, team [insert another number here]. Third place, Junyuan Secondary Diffusion Boyz (I came up with this name. That’s what we call our foursome of science brainiacs.).

Rushed off afterwards, all the way back to Bugis, to attend an unofficial Sangokushi Taisen tournament. Met a lot of forum people there. Got knocked out in the first round, due to my inexperience (literally, my account had lesser experience and thus my Heihou was weaker I think I was the lowest-ranked guy in that tournament). It was fun, though, and I hope to attend it again.

That’s pretty much what happened over the past few days. Man, suddenly I’m getting better and better at doing summaries.

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