After collecting dust for an extensive period of time…

The last post I made was on the 2nd of January, 2007. Today is the 16th of Febraury, over a month later. Yep, time to update my blog.

A lot of things happened over the span of more than one month. My uneventful birthday, my situation with a certain Chinese syllabus, all the new anime and stuff I’ve been watching, and new developments on my computer. Let’s see if I can go through…

12th Jan was my birthday. Incidentaly happens to be the day before our school’s CCA (interest club) Fair. Being in the NCC’s marching contingent, I spent most of the afternoon under the hot sun, followed by the cold rain, practising my footdrills with the rest of the guys. Not the best birthday, as hardly anybody greeted me, there was no cake, there were no presents. Not like I was expecting anything.

CCA Fair. The marching contingent thing went quite well, after that the contingent was pretty much free to do whatever they wanted. I wandered around the milling crowds in the school compound with my precision drill rifle, ocassionally doing a few rifle moves, swings and gyrations with it, while meeting up with parents of Secondary 1 students and talking to them about the NCC.

My band’s been doing fairly well. Fairly well. Cassis by Gazette has been covered, the drummer and vocalist is touching up on Baretta. I’ve already mastered my guitar solo. We were going to have an upcoming performance for the upcoming Chinese New Year concert.

I upgraded my 256MB RAM for a 512 one. And got the computer corrupt because of it. Turns out I forgot to remove the 126MB RAM as well. The differences in RAM size broke my comp. Had to get it fixed at the computer shop. Spent a long time waiting for Hitachi to send a replacement for my corrupt hard disk. Got the computer repaired in the end, but now it can’t make sounds. It still can’t make sunds. Really fsked up. Shaun couldn’t do anything about it. I better send it back to the repair shop soon.

Release of the ‘O’-Level results for the graduates of 2006. A tearfest, it was. I promised my teacher I’d set the record this year, and achieve 7 distinctions in the exams, one up from the current record at 6. Now everybody, even the principal, is holding me to that promise. Ugh.

Today was the day Hachigatsu (my Visual Kei band) got into full VK dress and performed Cassis live on stage in the school hall. Everybody loved it. My solo was perfect. I had a great time. Video and pics should be up soon. I’ll show them to you.

And I’m having a running nose right now.

See ya guys later.

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