The Laptop Cooling Pad Seller…

Just got back from my fourth day at work at the SITEX exhibition at the Singapore Expo. Lotsa things have happened over the past four days. Some really interesting, others downright irritating.

I work at A1 Computer station, a shop that sells mostly computer accessories (cos Fujitsu nor Asus wants to hire me). The first two days at work involved setting up the racks and putting the stall layout together, as well as putting up the products on the racks. I work alongside quite a large army of part-timers, around 20 of them. But even this figure wasn’t enough to settle everything in twenty-four hours over two days, so we actually ended up working way longer than intended (we intend to clock 12-hour sessions of 10 to 10, but just two days ago, because we were pressed for time to set up to booth, had to start at 9 in the morning and end at 2 in the next morning. Absolutely frustrating.

Yesterday and two days ago saw me standing beside a large stack of assorted laptop cooling pads. The more I sold and demonstrated the products on my very own glass shelf connected to an electrical outlet via an extremely lousy USB adapter, the more I learnt about all the different kinds, so much so that I can easily quote the fan speed, power usage, voltage and current ratings, and most importantly prices, off the top of my head. I mentally prepared a set of quotes and statements to use like ‘good investment’ or ‘I can’t demonstrate the fan’s full speed because of my lousy USB adapter’ or even ‘if you find any defects within the next seven days you can come over to our store at Sim Lim Square – the address is printed on your receipt – and we can get you a replacement immediately’. I managed to sell a whole lot of pads two days ago, and I sold even more yesterday. Yup, despite me feeling jealous at the people receiving better pays at branded companies like Sony and Microsoft, I love this job. Do come and visit if you have the time, and if you live in Singapore. Forgive my non-constructive English, I’m pressed for time. I really need some shut-eye now.

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