Happy July 4th!

Yay! Hurray for America’s Independence Day!

School this morning was pretty eventful. We had another timetable change, and, as it turns out, I haven’t got al the books I needed for today’s classes. There was phys Ed today but I didn’t have my PE attire, so I had to sweat it all out during a basketball match, in my school uniform. Remotely pleasant.
During English period, the last lesson for today, our form teacher had asked us to think of ideas for a song parody. We had to modify an original song to highlight the theme ‘Racial Harmony’, and it was to be presented during the school’s Racial Harmony Day (we celebrate this is Singapore once every year). I thought of doing something from Simple Plan’s ‘Crazy’. Meh, this is gonna be hard…
I skipped NCC Land today as I had to meet the guys at Club Rainbow with my group, concerning our YMCA Entrepreneurship project. The place was quite far from school. We discussed things about our initial business proposal, and made changes here and there, together with the Marketing Assistant for Club Rainbow.
And now, I have four A. Math asignments due. Gotta pass them up tomorrow. Gonna rush thru them as fast as I can. See ya.

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