Figma Products Number SP-012: Black Rock Shooter

I had been out of action from the photography scene for a very long time ever since my prosumer camera (which really doesn’t belong to me; it’s used by everybody in the family) broke down, so I was lucky to be able to borrow a friend’s point-and-shoot camera for the sole purpose of shelling out this post, which I really badly want to do to showcase just how awesome this Figma is. So sorry I can’t afford anything better at the moment like a DSLR; you’ll have to put up with a bunch of low-quality shots for now. Expect a bit of noise and a bit of graininess.

To be fair, it’s a really brilliant camera, that Samsung i7, and it does way more than your run-of-the-mill point-and-shoot. I am highly impressed by it, but I’ll touch on more of that in another post.

The Black Rock Shooter Figma is my latest addition to my Figma collection, and thus far is my absolute favourite. With so many cool accessories to play with, more points of articulation to allow for greater posing ability, finely sculpted details and an immaculate glossy paintjob, this figure retailing for less than SGD50 is almost a steal.

DVD included!!

This package even comes with the 50-minute original ‘ブラック★ロックシューター’ animation DVD. How very thoughtful of Good Smile Company.

After unboxing…

The cannon is a lot larger than I remembered from the anime... Not that I'm complaining, though

Her Black Blade is very sleek too

I am very surprised at how exceptionally articulable she is compared to my other Figmas; unlike most others, she is unhindered by large clothing which may impede certain poses.

I'm really digging that blue flame over her eye. Very nicely sculpted

Setting up the ‘studio’. Note: all this is completely amateur work, utilizing minimum energy and low-level equipment. I have no intention of degrading the hard work and efforts of other more professional figure photographers out there like Alafista or Toypusher. Feel free to laugh at various things that show up in the background.

Hands, facial expressions and accessories are put on standby.

The backdrop is supported by a dictionary.

My primary light source is set up.

Such long flowy ponytails...

BRS meanwhile allows herself to relax a bit and take in some fresh air, after being boxed up for who knows how long.

Immaculate detailing of her overcoat, scars and bikini top

The Rock Cannon, sculpted to precision, is larger than the figure herself.

The Figma package comes with two Figma stands, one of them for the Rock Cannon which comes with a claw at the end. Impossible poses with the Rock Cannon are now possible!

It also has two sets of metal chains to satisfy those into Figma BDSM looking to recreate scenes from the animation.

The figure itself has four additional points of articulation, 2 at the coat beneath the waist, and another 2 at the ponytails. Perfect for creating a windy effect, or the impression of swift movement.

I’m surprised I didn’t have a hard time posing her with those high heels on.

Her default facial expression can be pretty enigmatic. I sometimes cannot decide if she is smiling coyly or looking focused.

When appropriate, you can even take an additional measure to prevent the figure from falling backwards by using her longer ponytail as support.

An unprecedented move by Good Smile Company: The DVD offers subtitles in 7 different languages! How very nice and uncommon of them to spare a thought for the international market.

The English subtitle quality is excellent, very likely done by a native English speaker. The dialogue progresses very naturally and the language used is unforced.

Figma Marisa greets the newcomer.

Marisa: That’s a really big gun ze!

Black Rock Shooter: …

M: Can I take a closer look at it? Please please?

BRS: … Just a short look, I guess…

BRS: It’s heavy and dangerous, so-

M: It’s okay, I can handle it ze!

M: This thing is awesome, ze! I bet it can amplify my Master Spark lots! *I think I’ll borrow it for a while, ze!*

BRS: Be careful when you’re holding it, you might-

Marisa uses her 6A attack!

M: Take that ze!


BRS: ?!!??!

Got away safely!

M: See ya, ze!



M: Heheh, I stole the precious thing!

M: Now all I have to do is figure out how to use this thing…


BRS: Hey you!!

M: O_O;

(To be continued in the Figma Marisa figure review!)

A little behind-the-scenes…

There's that dictionary again.

Here’s the other studio light I use when illuminating certain shots. Pretty pathetic, huh?

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