Update on my NS Life

Nothing interesting to say, I’ll just leave a quick update. I graduated from Basic Military Training exactly a week ago, and this morning I received news of my new army deployment.

I am to become a trainee at the Specialist Cadet School (which is all the way at the other side of Singapore, yay me), and upon completing my training after 6 months graduate as a sergeant. It is weird that I should feel this way towards NS, but I really am looking forward to the days ahead. I entered National Service with the intention of improving my character and upgrading my skills over the next two years (I really hate that I am often blur and lazy), and the learning is just going to get better and better.

On a separate note, being in the army also has other benefits; I got to know a friend who works with computers and runs a server. I’m looking forward to working with him to get my site hosted (and lose the .wordpress part in the URL) and my PC upgraded.

As I begin to find more time for extra curricular activities over the weekend, look forward to more appearances by TK8315 too.

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