Chingay 2010

Recently, the 501st Legion Singapore Garrison deployed a 50 member-strong contingent of troopers to attend the Chingay Parade 2010. Over a course of consecutive weekends, we attended training sessions and simulations (a.k.a mini-Chingay parades) to prepare ourselves for this grand event, to be televised island-wide. The event passed flawlessly, and everybody present was undoubtedly proud to be part of such a historic event.

A bit of info about Chingay, taken from Wikipedia:

The Chingay Parade is an annual street parade held in Singapore as part of Chinese New Year festivities. The term Chingay itself originated in Southeast Asia, which is a phonetic equivalent of the Chinese words “妆艺”, which means “a decorated miniature stage”. Today, the parade has evolved into a massive multi-cultural and international event telecast live on television every year.

These decorated miniature stages, known better as ‘floats’, are driven by heavy-duty motors down the parade route, and built up as garishly and lavishly as possible in a colourful display of creativity and showmanship. They are accompanied by marching troupes of costume wearers, entertainers and dancers dressed up in their finest regalia and strutting their stuff for the crowd to see. The Chingay Parade also features a brilliant display of fireworks (Touhou fans like me call them ‘danmaku’ too) and firecrackers.

R2 looks happy.

What made this Chingay Parade so special for me, TK8315? I had the privilege and honour of bearing the Singapore Garrison’s Red Banner as our contingent marched past the crowd!

Here are some photos of the event, credited to numerous names including Albert Leong, Francis Choo, Chung Wai Chun, Jason Trooper, Jason, Joey Lim, Mei Liew, Dominic Zou.


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5 responses to “Chingay 2010

  1. Very cool–that looks fun.

  2. I wish I could’ve attended such an event, but I’m currently bogged down by my school’s Studio Project.


  3. suf

    where do you guys get the stormtrooper costumes? i’ve been googling high and low – no results.

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  5. this Red Canyon is the Grand Canyon of Tents Made Coleman right, for tough wind, wet and weather conditions.

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