End of Year 2009

A drought had recently befallen AKXD, and viewership rates have gone back down to meagre levels. As predicted, life after A levels had indeed gotten pretty hectic, especially over the past few weeks. Now that I’ve gotten my laptop back I’ve returned to playing Sins of a Solar Empire, Touhou Hisoutensoku, Facebook apps (which have now all but intensified, in effect taking up even moreof my online time), Trickster Online, downloading images (mostly Touhou) from danbooru, tabbing songs on Guitar Pro, etc. That doesn’t mean I’ve completely stopped blogging though. :\ So let’s get back to business.

That which comes after AFA09, the final cosplay/ anime/ Japanese sulculture event before the close of the year is EOY 2009, which aptly stands for End of Year. Formerly organized by the Shiro Tsubasa Animation Club, this year’s EOY onwards operates independently with its own organizing committee.

EOY is an annual Japanese cross-cultural event that showcases the talents of individuals in the community, featuring areas such as:

  • Cosplay
  • Anime
  • Comics, Art & Photography
  • Gothic, Lolita & Punk Fashion
  • Vocals & Dance

The primary focus of EOY has always been cosplay, and for many years, EOY has always been a “fans for fans” event, and it will continue to remain so for EOY 2009.

It is also a time of celebration for each end of the year, as well as the beginning of the next.

More than just showcasing talents, it is also a great event whereby like-minded individuals can build strong relationships with one another.

We hope that EOY will be an arts platform where people who love Japanese culture are able to express themselves in their costume designs, singing, drawing and whatever talents they might have.

EOY2009 will be held at the 3rd level of the National Library Building at Bugis, and for the first time ever in EOY history, Japanese sulculture icon Makino Yui will be present at the event to stage a concert and host an autograph session. As usual, EOY will be held on Boxing Day, 2th December 200, starting from 10am onwards. Makino Yui’s concert and autograph session will start from 7pm and end at 9pm.

Ticket prices are at $12 for pre-sale and $15 for door, and shotas and lolis children below the height of 0.9m may enter for free if accompanied by a paying shotacon/ lolicon/ pedobear adult. Makino’s Yui’s concert tickets are priced at $49, $59, $79 and $99, including entry into the EOY event. Early tickets are available at Gate Crash, Singapore Post Offices, SAM Machines and Black Alice @ The Cathay (#04-09)

More info available at the official site.


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2 responses to “End of Year 2009

  1. Yeeees! Makino Yui!

    I’ve gotten her concert tickets :3!

  2. AK

    Oh, good for you. I just signed up for my media pass.

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