Bad Apple!

I’m a month late in discovering this, having only listened to it for the first time last night. Which is good actually, considering the fact that one month ago my ‘A’-Levels were just around the corner. had I started listening to this then, I doubt I’d be able to concentrate much on my studies.

Because this song, and the PV, is just so damn addictive. :3

This is BAD APPLE!!, arranged by Masayoshi Minoshima, from the CD EXSERENS, with vocals by nomico. The video features spectacularly rendered shadow art of many familiar Touhou characters. I find the rhythm very mellow and entrancing, and the lyrics seem to identify very meaningfully with NEETs. (Not that I am one though ^^;) I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy this one, more so if you’re a Touhou fan (have fun identifying each character that appears in the video!).

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