AFA Day 2

Sorry for being an entire week late. Ever since my A levels (unofficially) ended on Tuesday, I have been busying myself with some of the many engagements I had previously planned, including the electric guitar restoration and the fitness conditioning.

(I ought to mention too that I had decided to drop some of my proposed ideas due to lack of time/ resources.)

I would have wanted to simply leave  you with a bunch of photos in a gallery like AFA day one, but I felt obliged to make commentary on the event since this is a blog and not a Flickr account. Hence the added inertia when it came to composing this blog post.

While I did not spend as much time as I usuallly do at AFA09 as compared to other costuming events, I did see that the convention had improved tremendously since last year. Zerg rushes and human hordes were still unavoidable though, owing much to poor location planning (for example, the huge crowd that formed around Shoko-tan’s autograph session booth located just outside the staging area, preventing the folks who sat for Danny Choo’s stage presentation from exiting smoothly)

I personally felt that the ticketing price hike this year was quite worth it, considering what the organizers have brought to AFA 09, like the Danny Choo experience and the K-On! seiyuu appearance. I felt lucky to be able to partake in such a privilege of being able to meet/ see such huge icons in Japanese sub-culture (yes, I am human after all). That said, I am very much looking forward to how the organizers will up the ante next year for the enjoyment of all otaku in Singapore.

TL;DR Here is my photo coverage for the event.


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2 responses to “AFA Day 2

  1. The Sheryl Nome (with her daughter(?)) looks good ^^;

    @How did he manage to transport those wings to the event? : He flew =P

    BTW, I think you forgot to link my blog! orz

  2. AK

    Ah, cripes. Must’ve happened when I ported over to WP and forgot.

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