AFA 09 Day One

It is 2 in the morning and I am dead tired right now, so I’ll just make this a quick image-intensive post. To summarize, the entire event in overall was a lot better organized this year as compared to the last, especially with the ticketing. Security for the I <3 Anisong event was stepped up a good few notches too, with a more systematic queue system for both pass holders and regular event goers (I didn’t attend the concert by the way; had Stormtrooper business to attend to). Had a lot of fun roving around taking pictures, checking out booths and watching stage performances.

Next up: Day 2.



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5 responses to “AFA 09 Day One

  1. Denise

    For the blue one by who you mean character or person? Person is ice_princess, owner of Haru.

  2. Nice to meet you for both days :3

  3. Leefe

    Caught a glimpse of you, but couldn’t get you ^^;

  4. AK

    Nice meeting you too misakichii. Do check your spam blocker for your guest blog, I commented there but they don’t show up.

    Leefe: Ah, that’s a shame. Maybe next time. ;)

  5. i like the way u post all the thumbnails. easy to read the caption as well.

    nice banner as well!

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