A Dancing Stormtrooper!

… But he’s not who you’d expect him to be.

In commemoration of Danny Choo coming to Singapore for AFA 2009, a member of our very own Singapore garrison decided to celebrate by doing what he (and Danny) does best…

The irony of it all is that both Danny and he were within very close proximity of each other (Danny at Suntec Convention Centre and our trooper at the Suntec Fountain of Wealth) but never got to meet for a Stormtrooper dance collaboration. :(

AFA02 DAY 2 coverage to come as soon as I can work out what the hell went wrong with my SD card reader.


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2 responses to “A Dancing Stormtrooper!

  1. oh nice, TK5132!
    stormtrooper dance collaboration would have been awesome!

  2. AK

    Yes, everybody at at 501st side agrees, and we were all hopeful of Danny dropping by the fountain of wealth to join in a bit. Sadly, twas not to be.

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