Re: Everybody Is Scared Excited for AFA’09

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While I agree that Danny Choo has contributed to the global surge of the popularity of anime, I wouldn’t say that it was he who mainstreamed it. Rather, he only documented it, the industry has by itself assimilated into Hollywood culture. It’s like a paradigm shift, the conformation of a certain pattern because of its proximity to ideality, that drove otaku subculture to become the way it is now. Manga artists of today will find it hard to get by in Japan if they do not write within the mainstream genres. “It’s going to be especially difficult to make a living for the kind of authors who can’t pen ero/parody/bishonen/bishoujo manga (in fact it is right now).” -Tamiki Wakai, Shounen Sunday mangaka.

I suppose the Japanese are seeing how this scheme has benefited the Americans, and are copying them in hopes of achieving similar success. Just my two cents, may not be worth the two cents though.

By the way TP bro, I can’t make it for the dinner thing on Friday. Got something else to attend to. You guys enjoy yourselves there.

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