Get Down!

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I know this Internet meme has been going round for quite some time already and that I’m quite late to be blogging about it only now(busy doing IRL stuff), but I realized that it is really quite interesting and appealing, at least to my tastes (and not just because it’s partially Japanese, srsly guiz go faq yourselves) so I deemed it suitable enough to fill some space here.

Get Down! (ゲッダン) is an Internet meme which combines a crazy idea with crazy images and crazy music to produce an Internet meme that is infectious, funny and three times the awesome.

Get Down! in a 4-minute nutshell, saves me the trouble and you the agony of my having to explain it to you in words.

A visual glitch from a video game and a fast-paced Japanese pop tune from years ago seem like odd bedfellows, and this meme is quite clearly a freak of a love-child. Yet, I find this meme very relevant to my interests, and I’m sure other people might have others reasons to like it (the challenge of making their own renditions, the aesthetics of fast-cycling through frames of different poses, an appreciation for pelvic thrusts, etc.).

It makes me laugh to see limbs and bodies flying about like that. It conveys the idea of glitching (unsurprisingly, as it involves a technical glitch in itself), when a certain member of a system chooses to break away from conformity, resulting in an anomaly. It becomes something so noticeable and ‘off’, and that makes it humourous; since humans are wont to find humour in things that do not actin ways they are expected to (odd social behaviour, Stormtroopers dancing in the streets of Tokyo). One does not expect a guy walking past him down a street suddenly throw a hissy fit and thrash his limbs about the way it is seen in the video, let alone if one is James Bond and the guy is somebody in direct interaction.

Then comes the music track. It is a very good song to dance (spaz) to, in my opinion. Fast-paced, almost like a rap, very emotional, makes you heighten your senses when you hear the first few strains and then makes you want to bust a spontaneous move when it breaks into verse.

The meme takes advantage of this and uses it like this.

Funny, no? See how the characters automatically turn on spaz-dance mode the moment they hear the song, even in the midst of making out! The planes and helicopters are also doing it! Dramatic use of audio worked this meme to great effect, and epic lulz was had. (I’m enjoying very much the Touhou variants.)

And so netizens caught on, pushing it further by creating a more dance-centric version with hip-shaking and pelvic thrusting to accompany the more funny parts of the track, so that a different kind of lulz can be haz. The trend is set, and the meme looks set to see its place in a special section of Encyclopedia Dramatica (I could be wrong).

Why did I all of a sudden decide to write about this meme? Because Promise by Hirose Koumi had just turned up on my Windows Media Player on Shuffle mode. ;)


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  1. AK

    Somebody has to teach me how to properly embed videos onto posts. :( Nothing I try works, like copypasta-ing the embed code into HTML.

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