Top Searches Fail 2

stats fail 2
I’ve heard of frog legs, and I’ve eaten them before, but this… Is ridiculous.

Also, it seems that my stats have peaked ever since I posted that Modern Warfare 3 video. Hmm, now I think I know what kind of posts I should be making to generate more public interest…


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4 responses to “Top Searches Fail 2

  1. anything about sex…lol i’m talking from experience

  2. Post yaoi stuff. Anyway just post whatever you feel like posting. Blogging for the sake of generating hits is meaningless.

  3. AK

    Well, what I’m doing here at the moment with the way I compose my posts is gauging public interest to see what most people are interested in, so that I can continue to make more posts that are relevant to their interests, so I can have more subscribers, so I can be happy to know that when I revert to blogging on a more personal level there will be people who will read. It’s more than just trying to get ‘hits’.

  4. TP


    Looks like we have a “Cheetah” syndrome here. (Replace “Cheetah” with another famous cat species here.)

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