K-On! at AFA 09


With regards to this post:

(Just a quickie post; don’t mind me)

Months before AFA I had expressed hopes of the K-On! seiyuu being slated to make an appearance. It was half-hearted, half-joking actually, considering the odds at that time.

Suffice to say, I, being one that is familiar with K-On!, am in that advantageous position whereby I am able to enjoy what AFA promises to bring.

Better to please one crowd than to please none, I suppose. K-On! at AFA 09 is a good move, that can be safely said at least from my standpoint.

That is all.

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One response to “K-On! at AFA 09

  1. I’m looking forward for K-on! Seiyuus to appear on AFA 09 too~

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