Life After ‘A’ Levels… More Hectic than Before ‘A’ Levels?

I’ll be honest with you.

When I made my last post in August, saying how I would quit all forms of ‘recreation’ on the Internet to focus more on my studies, I thought I heard an old, sagely, wise voice whispering from the back of my head. I could tell it was a voice of disapproval, because I heard it clucking its tongue. Like an old, sagely, wise chicken. It said naw, you’re not really gonna do that. You may have successfully kept your own laptop computer from reach, but you know it’s not gonna work, because there are other computers to use, and because you just can’t live without the Internet and all the petty joys and instant gratification it brings.

I turned my head around (figuratively) and retorted, “NO U.”

Fast forward to one week before the ‘A’ levels. My cold turkey has lasted only two weeks. By mid-August I was back on MSN Messenger. At the end of September I had reactivated my FB account (closing it down two weeks later, then reactivating it again for a brief five days around two weeks ago). I’ve gone back to browsing imageboards (even created an account on danbooru, lulz), traipsing around Youtube (mostly viewing TF2 and Smackdown versus Raw 2010 videos) and visiting other blogs. It didn’t help too that my revision rate was just about the same as the past two years while in junior college (scientifically it may be deemed negligible). Now I sit in front of mum’s laptop, making a blog post I promised months ago not to make. What’s going on man?

I just can’t get over the Internet. That makes me weak-willed, in a way. Kinda disappointing, really.

Who am I kidding. I feel no remorse. :P Alright, on to serious business.

Post ‘A’-Level plans:
2. Funky dress-up for school prom (December 5th)
3. Body training before enlisting for national service (deadline: two Wednesdays before March 4th)
4. Arbeit to get money
5. Pay for merchandise ordered from friends with said money
6. Complete paint-job for my electric guitar (deadline: December 26th)
7. Build mystery costume armour kit (deadline: December 26th) (Not sure if WANT)
8. Get a PSP
10. PC building
11. Get new bicycle from China
12. Go on bike expeditions
13. Blog dev


1. I have been chosen (by an executive committee consisting of me alone) to organize a booze party immediately after the last ‘A’-level paper on the 30th of November for a choice group of friends, with drinks mostly consisting of vodka, sake and hoegaarden (stuff we can tolerate yet make us look like we can hold our liquor really well). Any recommendations as to where I can purchase this liquor legitimately (within the east side of Singapore) will be duly appreciated.

2. A friend of mine, whom I constantly describe as having a face like Bob Marley, has suggested that he and I both boogie down for prom and attend dressed up as Bob Marley and Jimi Hendrix respectively. hopefully, because we both have dark skin and I have a Fender guitar, we might just be able to pull it off! No, there’s no 70’s night-ish theme for this year’s prom. It’s gonna look so bad(ass). All I require now is a nice afro wig and something tie-dye (I’d settle for a black tux though. I don’t wish to go overboard).

3. A National Physical Fitness Association silver award is required for a national serviceman to enjoy two months’ rebate from his first two years of service time. I have only a bronze award, need only work on my jogging stamina and pull-up prowess, and am scheduled to retake the examination on a Wednesday, two weeks before my current enlistment date. Wish me luck. If I manage to clinch my silver I’ll be able to push back my enlistment date to April, and pass out from service one month earlier. I wouldn’t wanna do two extra months in the army.

4, 5. There are tons of things I wish to purchase during the holidays, especially things I’ve ordered within my local Star Wars community. I’d probably go back to doing part-time with movie mania, but it’s entirely situational and based on consumer demand during that period. Considering that it’s the holiday/ Christmas/ New Year season, I doubt I should experience any problems. This coincides with number 7.

6. My sunburst Stratocaster has just recently received a change in appearance (yes, I made time from my studies specially for this). It is now white in colour. That’s just the base though. A more recognizable design shall come soon enough. More on this later on.

7. I seem to have found myself a suitable workplace, with the necessary materials available, to start work on a certain set of armour I’ve been yearning for a long time to make and wear to cosplay events. There’s a deadline to this (which is the same as that of number 6, it’s more related than you think), but it’s not the serious kind where you’d be dead if you crossed the line, meaning I can choose to push it back to a later date. If you do the homework, you might be able to guess at what this (tentative) deadline is all about!

8. This one is a must-get. I have been without a gaming console (not counting the PC; all computers at home are unsuitable for gaming) for a good 7 years now. Gaming has become a huge need for me; I need to take a break from the constantly heckling workplace known as real life and take a drive down Virtual Reality Avenue for some much-needed R&R. It is my second home, a good place to spend all weekends. Taking gaming entertainment with me while on the go is a major plus too since I can have something to do while transiting in trains and buses, waiting for things to happen, etc. Additionally, I am bent on getting Smackdown versus Raw 2010, being the wrestling entertainment fan that I am, and Persona 3, just recently released for the PSP. Meanwhile, I shall intend to find a way to port Touhou 10.5 and 12.3 to the PSP.

9. I’ve been neglecting my favourite game for too long. A friend of mine has managed to set up an ethernet-based LAN between his friends and their laptop computers, and I intend to join in for some lag-free, fun-filled TF2. By that I mean being able to play against other players while maintaining decent connection; at one point of time I got so fed up of the lag on local servers (even on the lowest graphics and sound settings) that I started playing solo games just all the achievements that do not require interaction with other players.

10. Another been-wanting-to-do-this-for-a-long-time project for me. Now would be the best time to do it.

11 & 12. A friend of mine is visiting the People’s Republic during the holidays. Bicycles from there are pretty cheap, so I intend to get a high-quality road bicycle, an upgrade from my second-hand offroad bicycle that is surprisingly taxing to ride on smooth roads, for a good price. In conjunction with number 3, and out of my love of cycling long distances in the great outdoors, I plan to marathon to distant places, take photographs of nature, breathe fresh air, get some good exercise, and have good fun along the way.

13. Besides blogging at greater frequency, I shall finally set about getting independent hosting (currently considering many various ways at getting there) and a decent theme to decorate my site, both of them things I have been keeping in view ever since my leap from Blogger to WP.

Life after ‘A’-levels more hectic than before it? You bet!


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3 responses to “Life After ‘A’ Levels… More Hectic than Before ‘A’ Levels?

  1. TP

    Congratulations, AK. Now you are really living the life you ought to be.

    I’ll be looking forward to more of your antics in NS, life, marriage and… wait, let’s not go into stalking mode here. ^.^

    So, attending a pre-AFA dinner with TheFuzzy?

  2. AK

    Hmm? What is this dinner party you speak of?

    I dunno actually bro. I gotta rush home to study for ‘A’-Levels right after the event ends. Will try to make some time to catch up with old friends, though.

  3. TP

    Oh, this dinner was to be held on Friday, the eve of the Festival itself. I think it’s a TCSS session to get know each blogger/anime fan/trollers impressionists to relax and anticipate the enjoyment that is AFA’09.

    I think you may have my number, right? If not, just add me to your Gmail contact, then I can pass you my contact.

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