See You Guys in December!

Will the ‘A’ Level Prelim exams around the corner, the time has come to set aside all pleasures and distractions and spend time more productively with revision ans school assignments. All this while I’ve been taking it nice and easy. And all that is about to change.

From today till the end of the ‘A’ Level exams on the 3oth of November, this trooper is going to be spending a lot less time on the computer (I still have digital assignments to complete), much less on the Internet. My laptop will be under voluntary arrest during this duration. No more MSN, anime, manga, blog-viewing, Facebook, forum-crawling until. My next post won’t be until December too.

AKXD hasn’t spent much time in its new platform, and hasn’t seen much activity either. I haven’t settled many of the things I planned to do, mostly because of lack of time. It’d be pointless to continue like this, so I figured I’d be best to just wait till the time is right.

I just wanna say thanks for all the miserable hits I’ve received thus far. Wish me luck with my studies. :D

Goodbye, lappy!

Goodbye, lappy!

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  1. Janice Fion

    hello.. your facebook account still there? can’t find you… how and i suppose to tag you those picture? =(

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