Cosfest 09

TK8315 supports YAOI too

TK8315 supports YAOI too

TK8315 and TK8316 rushed down to D’Marquee at Downtown East on Sunday, 12th July, to report for trooping duty at a fan gathering convention known as Cosfest.

While awaiting the main bulk of pictures from my report which I shall pad this post with, here are a choice few featuring myself, taken by Yukito, Nutcase23, Kil and Denise.

My K-On! Cosplay Group from

Showing my support

An interesting find.

An interesting find.

Hey, where'd he go?

But hey, where'd that sneaky guy go?



Next post: TK8315’s Picture Coverage and Trooping Log on Cosfest 2009. Just as soon as my friend finishes burning the 600MB worth of pix into a CD and I go across the country just to retrieve it from him.

Tomodachi says 'buh-bai'.

Tomodachi says 'buh-bai'.


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2 responses to “Cosfest 09

  1. Best scene is still Stormtrooper vs Star Trek!


  2. AK

    Agreed, that. Haha.

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