It’s something I hardly find time to do nowadays, what with Facebook and SGcafe, eating, showering, shitting, time wasted telling myself I’ll do my homework tomorrow morning (never happens cos I never get up on time), all squeezed into the few hours I have at home after school.

Each day only allows us 24 hours. 24 hours, as most of us have come to notice, isn’t plenty of time at all. As a seasoned procrastinator I am all too familiar. You can’t be everywhere to do everything at once.

Similarly, this applies to blogging. I started blogging some 7-ish years ago, simply as a medium to channel my (at that time) naive, childish thoughts. At one point of time I used it as school work. Still okay. Then later on, inspired by people like Darkmirage and TJHan, I tried turning it into an anime blog, hoping for a shot at fame, and a little something to fill up my arrogance (as many people describe me, I don’t deny it). Difficult to maintain, especially for somebody so uncommitted as I am. Twas a failed venture, yea, now that I’ve wizened up. With the dissolution of Team Blue (actually their dissolution has got nothing to do with me, but I broke off all contact with them after my laptop died), I have long since lost most contact with the blogging otaku society in Singapore.

Then my blog became an extend ‘Status Updates’ feature. And I’d post little slices of life I deem them interesting, as far as I can remember them. Mundane things like what I’ve been doing of late, school life, etc. The blog has become an online progress report of a mentally insecure individual with unnatural tendencies.

With the way I coexist with the human creatures among me, I have shaped for myself a rather reverse-hypocritical mindset of the way I relate to other people. Generally, I take great interest in what goes on in their lives (nosy person I am). And then, I’m constantly telling myself “why are you blogging? It’s not like anybody’s going to read it anyway.”

(I dunno. I call myself an attention seeker, but really, I’m only trying to be noticed by those I ‘pay special attention to’ and would like to do otherwise. My mindset has not changed since my primary school days.)

Digressions aside, this is just a bit of weight off my shoulders. This period of time is not my Golden Age of blogging, whether that Age would ever come is another matter altogether. I have made a tack; my blog is going in another direction now.

There are reasons why Gordonator is such a popular blog page. I have mapped a path according to these reasons I have discovered (I am one to follow from other’s examples, as you might notice), and that is where I’m headed. Just like how, after deserting the otaku blogging scene, I’ve gotten in touch with the local cosplaying/gaming/lulz scene, thanks to SGCafe. Fanboy-wise, at the very least, all I’ll be doing to that extent is documenting cosplay/501st events.

“Life as it goes, events of interest, stuff in my head. In lightly romanticized prose, always speaking my mind, with concern for your thoughts.”

I’m going to keep it as simple and interesting as possible. Watch this space.

I’m not gonna care who reads my blog any more because it cramps my style and is part of what I dislike about myself. So the blog shall be treated like nothing more than just an impassive diary. You are still welcome to read it though.

Next blog post to be up soon. I skipped school today due to my cough and what with the Swine Flu thing going around. I also want to talk about my Malaysia trip, the Japanese exchange student who visited recently, my hair, and my current infatuations (and what I intend to do to dispel them cos I know I stand no chance).

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