Left 4 Dead

One particular update in my life is that suddenly, I find myself playing Left 4 Dead very frequently nowadays. Mostly due to the fact that I had found a really decent LAN shop at Siglap that offers it (and TF2) at the highest quality, and that another LAN shop near my school has introduced it to its computers. Initially I was fully immersed into the game; Emotions were poured all over the place, I was shocked, frightened, horrified, excited, exuberant, jumpy and sympathetic all at the same time. I tried to make sure everybody makes it out alive. I yell whenever I catch sight of a special infected. I yell even more whenever I get pounced on, dragged, puked on and incapacitated. I paid attention to every detail of the game, from the realistic effects and sounds, the intuitive voice system (I made sure to turn on captions so I could catch every sound made and every word uttered), all the things Francis hates, all the humorous banter between the characters, to the extent that I sometimes lose myself in the game. I familiarized myself with the commo rose system (Z and X keys), and used it extensively, especially X + Mouse up (laugh). Especially when I play Zoey. Her laughter is cute, sexy and charming all at the same time.

I don’t own the game on my PC, but in this month alone (only started playing this year. Come to think of it, only 2 weeks ago) I’ve played 5 LAN sessions of L4D. The most recent visit was an achievement-hunting session on all 4 campaigns in advanced (the dissatisfaction is that I can only afford to play with Steam for Cafes).

You can tell by now, I’m absolutely adoring the game. Though, I am still fully aware of what others say about how it gets boring after a while, with only 4 linear campaigns, and an eventually developed adaptation to the Director and all his sneaky tricks. I personally feel I haven’t fully explored the whole game yet. I figure I’ll only get really bored once I obtain all achievements, and complete every campaign on Expert (that’s an official achievement too). Once that’s done, I’ll probably just entertain myself playing as a Special Infected in versus mode. that ought to work.

It got to a point when the game started to influence (only slightly) my perception of the world around me. I now walk the streets at night furtively glancing around me to make sure there aren’t any Hunters or Smokers around, wishing I had two pistols with me, and keeping an ear out for witches. One night before Chinese New Year my dad asked me to run down to his car to fetch something for him. I used the car keys wrongly and sounded the car alarm. The first thing that crossed my mind was a visual of some notification text floating before me: Ananda has alerted the horde. Here they come…

Too much, I told myself. I decided to stay away from that game for a while and shake off the influence. The abstinence lasted three days.

By now I was beginning to get quite adept at the game. I made it a habit to close doors behind me to stall any backstabbing zombie advance whenever possible. I stuck close to the team. I constantly used voice commands to coordinate less experienced players. Whenever I hear a witch I would get everybody to press F and hold Shift while moving, while I went to cr0wn her myself. I take point in enclosed spaces and check every room for items or zombies. and more stuff like that.

It is to my slight dismay, though, that I notice an increasing number of primary school kids and DotAfags camping in LAN shops spamming L4D. One reason I like games like L4D and TF2 is that they aren’t overplayed, too popular, and overrated.

So yeah. TL;DR I like playing Left 4 Dead. I don’t know why I even created this meaningless post in the first place, wasting mine and your time. No flow, no central point, no meaning. Just a plain superfluous commentary. Guess I just felt the urge to dump something remotely interesting onto the blog.

P.S. contact me if you wanna have a L4D LAN gaming session sometime. I’d love to join in.


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5 responses to “Left 4 Dead

  1. YuKi~To

    Oh u live ard siglap? I live at upper east coast ^^
    Sadly my gaming friends are all doing their NS.
    Just curious, whats the name of the lan shop at siglap?

  2. JK

    O.o AK, wow, long time no see…I’m not sure if you still remember me at all.. ^^;

    see ya

    — JK

  3. AK

    Yukito: Actually I stay in Tampines, lol.

    The name is called Cyber Era. Heard of it?

    JK: You can be considered quite possibly my best remembered person in AnimeB, JK. :D

  4. phossil

    Havent try L4D but I think I should…

  5. YuKi~To

    AK: yea i know.. its near the 7-11 lol, never stepped in there before though

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