My Desktop

I decided to just post a screenshot of my desktop today. Booting up Windows and waiting for my account to finish loading, I took look around my recently revamped desktop and wallpaper (I spend a lot of time just staring at Erika mostly), and I realized that there are plenty of features that reflect a lot on my normal human personality. So I thought I’d just share this with you.

As you can see, all my icons are stacked neatly into two complete rows to the left side of the screen. I’m quite the stickler when it comes to organization. I also think it’s very nicely balanced that I have my icons to the left and my sidebar to the right.

The folder called Downloads is where all files downloaded from the Internet through all the browsers I use are streamed into. I sort them out into their respective folders within my user account every once a week.

My recycling bin hasn’t been emptied for a while though…

I like to keep My Computer and Control Panel at easy access for me because I’m constantly using Flash drives and tweaking my computer interface. Most of the icons you see here are shortcuts to the games I frequently play. As you can see, I’m mostly into RTS games. I play DTXMania to train myself in playing the actual DrumMania at the arcade. Guitar pro 5 is a guitar tab reader that helps me a lot when I’m playing songs on my guitar. Freespace 2 is a very old game (ten years old by now I think) that I used to love as a wee little tyke, and still do to this day. Team Fortress 2 is my latest addiction from Steam. Unfortunately, this computer can’t handle most newer-generation games very well…

Looking down, you can see that I’ve expanded my left taskbar. Firefox and WMP are the two programs I execute first and foremost the moment my account is running. I keep the rest of my installed browsers in this flip-up window as I have a tendency to switch browsers while surfing, to constantly compare their pageload speeds.

I like trying new things, that’s why you can see I’ve downloaded the newest version of Windows Live Messenger, Messenger 2009 Beta. Download link is in previous post.

Taking your attention to the right of the desktop, Bitcomet has been useful in helping me share and receive useful files with and from my ‘peers’. No I do nothing illegal with it, you have my word.

The calendar up there helps me count down how many days I have left till school (currently stands at 1), so I know when I should be rushing with holiday assignments.

A friend helped me download this custom clock skin. I loved the Transformers movie, but no more so than the cartoon series.

The currency calculator has proven to be of tremendous help whenever I’m checking Japanese merchandise prices, or just observing the foreign exchange markets. I’m quite worried about the exchange rate currently, although it has dropped very nicely of late.

I keep plenty of notes to remind me of things worth remembering that I can’t for the life of it keep in my mind. They are mostly things in my wishlist, things to buy, things to do within the week, etc. A very helpful organizational tool.

Lastly, I like to keep this sliding puzzle in my sidebar. it brings back fond childhood memories, evokes great feelings of retro nostalgia, and most importantly, whenever I’m waiting for videos or other applications to load I find myself hitting Windows+D and fiddling around with this puzzle, trying to beat my latest time (my best still stands at 45 seconds). the perfect short-term time-killer.

So, how does your desktop reflect on your personality?


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2 responses to “My Desktop

  1. Netto

    Ah. That reminds me a lot. Indeed, a desktop would probably reflect the owner’s personality on how he/she deals with his/her work.

    As for me, I usually keep the center of the screen clean, but my desktop is usually littered with folders, icons and the other stuff at the side of the screen. It looks pretty messy sometimes… but meh!

  2. phossil

    Erika surely is amazing in your desktop. ^_^

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