Merry Christmas!

Of late there’s been nothing much going on worth blogging about. My Figma reviews are still in drafting. The homework haunt from the past is catching up to me now, that’s taking a lot of time off the computer too. That and I spend too much computer time on IRC (come join us at the #teamblue channel at Rizon!).

So I just thought I’d update a bit by wishing all my viewers, whoever you are, whether you just happened to drop in from a search engine, or, or if you’re a blogging comrade, or a devoted reader (I have low hopes that these guys exist though), here’s wishing a merry Christmas, and all the best for 2009. 2008’s been a mostly okay year, with plenty of ups and downs; economic recessions, a new US president, situations in China, Vietnam and Thailand, and many new initiatives I have taken up myself. Let’s see how next year turns out.


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12 responses to “Merry Christmas!

  1. gordon

    merry xmas to u too bro. see u at the party this weekend.

  2. hika

    Merry Christmas~!

  3. Panther

    Merry Christmas dude.

  4. alafista

    Merry Christmas Ho HO Ho

  5. ron~

    Merry Christmas! :D

  6. Kazearashi

    Merry Christmas AK! ^^

  7. Anonymous

    merry christmas back to you! here’s a christmas pic for you (Nozomi-chan)

  8. Shinkai no Kodoku

    And a Merry Christmas to you too! :D

  9. YuKi~To

    Merry Xmas AK!

  10. Anonymous

    Oh noes! It’s an ugly kid hiding it’s face in an Stormtrooper helmet of awesomeness! Destroy the imposter! :P


  11. Anonymous

    Yes. Yes indeed.

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