EOY 2008!

Yes, yes, I apologize for not updating for so long. There really wasn’t much going on in my life in between, I can hardly find anything interesting to write on except for moar TF2, moar sailing, moar suntanning, moar of the usual life. And this blog is not meant for usual life chronicling any more.

So, here’s a post on the End of Year Cosplay Event that took place this afternoon at the Singapore Expo. I didn’t take as many pictures as usual due to the sheer number of cosplayers out there, the immense amount of photos I took that came out blurry, and the little battery life my camera had.

Of course, I would not have gone if not for Gordon’s behest, and since he was suiting up in armour, I felt it my duty to help do a little minding too.

Honestly, I was initially quite taken aback when I first entered the venue. It was absolutely chock full of cosplayers, more so than photographers and plainclothes peeps. It has been a very long time since I had seen so much cosplayers at a single venue. Way more than AFA, more than last year’s Cosfest (didn’t attend this year’s), about the same as the Cosplay Event at Civic Plaza two years ago. The quality is also a lot better too. I think my twelve dollars was worth it. Now I just regret not signing up for a media pass. Gotta get this site’s popularity up first. It’s uphill all the way from here.

Enough of the chatter. Here are some of the better ones. I really can’t explain it, but it seems like my photography skills I severely off today.


Tragic Comedy up on stage. Haha.

Hoihoi-chan makes a reappearance.

As usual, the rest can be found in my Photobucket. I may have a few blur ones up there. Don’t mind them, I forgot to sort and delete and just bulk-uploaded everything. My bad.

Never stuck around much for the performances, so no coverage on that. Meh.

Also, a shoutout to double, TJHan, Gordon, Panther and the rest of the Team Blue guys, CI, Windbell, Alafista and Stifler, all of whom I got to meet today.

This is me, being an ass.

Side note:

Lonely lunch outside the exhibition hall, consisting of Burger King and my newest Figma. Just got her yesterday from Latendo at Kallang Leisure Centre, and very proud of it. Many thanks to Gai for his help obtaining her. Now I have someone new to sit atop my camera.

Simply adorable. Review of her (and Tsuruya) in future. I just remembered.

Also, with only a single month of holidays left, the time has come to set my focus on holiday homework. Have not done a single thing since the beginning of vacation. I’m pretty much screwed.


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7 responses to “EOY 2008!

  1. gordon

    that santarina looks not bad. a pity i didn’t see her.

    thanks for your help today.

  2. Pyoro

    aww man those shots look very nice! was it a dslr you used?

  3. AK

    @Gordon: My pleasure.

    @Pyoro: Ahaha, it was a Prosumer camera. Canon Powershot. One of the older series. I’m getting a lot better at using Program mode now. Can’t wait to make the switch to DSLR the moment I get my Nikon D40.

  4. Kazearashi

    Too bad I’m still in Indonesia right now… D: So I missed this event, but hey at least I can cover a cosplay event that will be held in here later on :D

  5. actar

    Ah, those cosplayers look awesome! But sadly, missed the event due to other appointments…

    And trust me, I know about that homework. I myself have only started my first assignments yesterday. Gah, darn holiday laziness.

  6. AK

    @Kaze: Do hope that the cosplay event will still be of good quality. Malaysia already sucks as it is.

    @actar: the very reason that prevented you from joining in the fun, eh?

  7. collateralds

    Hey you got a pic of the wonderful Reimu! so lovely….

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