AFA08 Survey

So I just got sent an e-mail (apparently retrieved from pre-registration) from the AFA committee to do a survey, and win myself a Gundam figurine. Naturally, I enjoy doing surveys and would do them without need for a reward or something in return. But that they have to resort to cheap tricks (it was never specified what kind of Gundam model they were offering. I have a feeling it’ll be some awful keychain) to attempt to nab respondent participation is just a show of desperation. They sure seem to be adversely affected by the whole May’N fiasco. As the organizer of such a large event, this committee sure haven’t performed up to standards and expectations.

But, whatever. I’ll still do the survey. For all those who also received the mail, do tell me how you did. For those who don’t, I’ll post the questions here, and you can comment your answers just for kicks. Who cares if you had to put a ‘no’ for the first question, just smoke something through. :P

1. Did you attend the Anime Festival Asia 2008 (AFA ’08)?


2. How likely would you be to recommend the Anime Festival Asia next year to a friend?

4 out of 10

3. What did you like most about AFA’08?

Most – Character appearances/cosplayers
Artiste performances and live stage shows
Bandai Showcase
Exclusive premieres of animes and mangas (for cripes’ sake, the plural form of anime and manga is anime and manga. Goddamn weeaboos.)
Least – Industry seminars

4. If you were in charge, what would you do to make the next Anime Festival Asia better? (HOLY SHIT YES! BTW, questions 3 and 4 allow you to enter your own options. I can guarantee you, there’s an idea for question 4 not listed that I would like to enter in, and I’m sure a lot of you out there will know and agree what it is.)

First priority – You all know
More efficient selling of tickets (quite obviously)
Wider range of anime products
More booths
More highlights
More guest speakers

5. Did you purchase anything at the AFA’08?

Hell yeah

6. What did you buy at the AFA ’08?

Collectible figurines, Others (shirt)

How much did you spend in total?

$60 – $100

7. Do you have a StarHub Cable TV – Animax channel subscription?

Have you heard of Animax’s original animation production, LaMB?

It was just then when I truly realized that *facepalm* is the best solution when words simply cannot express feelings. Hell, you don’t need to have an Animax subscription to have heard of LaMB. It’s all over the Animax booth at AFA ’08, it’s on Channel AXN, it’s on the commercials in almost every Starhub channel I have.

Yes and yes.

8. What do you remember most about Animax’s original animation production, LaMB?

Most – The art work
Celebrity collaborations
The story
Least – The creative team (oh the lulz. I’m betting a good percentage of respondents out there agree with me.)

9. How likely are you to watch LaMB when it premieres on Animax?

0 out of 10

How do you feel about animation/anime that is made locally in Singapore?

0 out of 10

How likely would you be to recommend LaMB to a friend?

0 out of 10

(Just me being a bastard.)

10. Demographics

Yay, now I have to claim my gundam figurine at Liang Court on the 4th of December. I’ll tell you what it is once I get it.


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4 responses to “AFA08 Survey

  1. Panther

    What, I preregistered too and got no such survey. By the way dude I added you on MSN. Need to talk to you about something.

  2. AK

    yeah, I’ll be online.

  3. Cavalock

    since i didn't pre-reg, i'll just answer some fo fun. <^;^>

    1. Yes

    2. Yes

    3. Buying stuff, the dealers area

    4. think same as u

    5. over $100 worth!!

    6. figures and a piece of furniture! ;) its on my blog

    7. Yah

    8. to be honest, wasn't that blown away bout it.

    9. ?

  4. AK

    I just realised it’s been 5 days past the collection date. LOL.

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