First Chemo for my blog’s Cancer.

For all those of you who got redirected from the old URL, welcome back.

As mentioned before, I decided to change my blog URL. This one is much simpler, and just came to me on a whim, after some fruitless searching for another blog theme to follow. AKXD is simple to type, has a certain technical ring to it, no doubt, and it has a similar essence to xkcd dot com (highly recommend you to go check this out; you’ll enjoy it better if you understand Internet memes and witty humour), but truthfully, I only chose it because it is the acronym for my full name.

Blog theme’s change too. If you ever chanced upon (which I get the common feeling you haven’t), you’d notice that the definition of a ‘weeaboo’ is very distinct and crisp; there are ‘criteria to satisfy’, and I just don’t see myself meeting these requirements. I experience true-type weeaboos time to time, and I can clearly say that, even though I had acted they way they do before, today I have more than transcended that level of mental comprehension. As a matter of fact, come to think of it, my very usage of the term ‘weeaboo’ had all along been a misnomer, an exaggeration, a satire of the person I once was. And many people have told me before that it is not healthy to keep digging up the past and lamenting about it.

A change of tack is at hand. I am weeaboo no longer.

For a very long time now, mind you.

and now I have freed myself from self-insult and abuse.

what’s next for me? The immensely tedious task of tracking down all locations where I have recorded my past blog URL: user accounts, link exchanges, etc. and make changes accordingly. A daunting mission indeed, especially for a lazy bum like me. But this is one mission which I have found the true motivation to undertake.

I leave you with my current wallpaper.


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3 responses to “First Chemo for my blog’s Cancer.

  1. Panther

    WordPress blogging platform and own host. Blogger sucks.

  2. gordon

    congrats on your own domain name. u may want to check out the embedded comments hack for blogger as well.

  3. AK

    Yes, I intend to make the switch to WordPress pretty soon, the moment I see it fit. I still need to consider the cost of self-hosting too.

    Teach me more about the embedded comments hack, Gordon!

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