Another general blog post.

I took a bit of time off to take a close, examined look at the current status of this blog, to find ways to improve it so it can start looking like a mainstream Internet blog, and nab more viewership. I figured that I still wasn’t doing it right yet. I initially started this blog as a place to pen my thoughts of the days’ events into words, kind of like a diary. It did not matter to me then if anybody read it, as then again it was kind of like a personal diary to me.

But, over time, as I received continuous exposure to the Internet, I found myself assimilating into its intricate culture, picking up idiosyncrasies, hanging out with the crowd and exploring new places. I learn new things every day, stuff from 4chan, Encyclopedia Dramatica,, forum communities and so on. It eventually dawned on me that, taking after the many other people out there who own such fascinating and crowd-pulling blogs, I too would want to bring up my blog to higher levels, to provide scintillating insights about the world to intent listeners, discuss events with a hint of morbid humour, and so on. Blogging would be so much more fun that way.

So here I am, noting down all my intended improvements to this blog.

1. I am still rambling too much about too many things all in one post. I am supposing it is the fact that I do not post very frequently, as a result leaving me having to clump topics of discussion over a wide spectrum of topics and daily events into a single post. If I want to grab an audience I have to be crisp, concise, and to the point. One specific point, that is.

That said, from this point onwards I shall follow that certain layout for my blog posts. One, and only one topic per post.

2. Comments is still rather tedious and stuff. You have to be linked to a seperate page to make a comment. Gordon has told me about this before, and that was why he made the switch to WordPress. Incidentally, I do have a WordPress blog too (under AnimeBloggers, who unfortunately can’t care less about my hopeless situation), which is currently collecting the dust of nearly one and a half years due to me not knowing how to get it up and running the way I want it. While I still do get a fair share of replies (which is very few actually), I kinda get the feeling this complicated commenting system is deterring a lot of my other readers.

3. Layout is drab. It was kinda neat when I first did it many months back, but I think it’s time for a change. There are also plenty of interactive elements I’ve always planned on embedding into this blog, aside from the ones already provided by Blogger: I’ll have to handle that at a later date. I can afford to add music, mascots, clocks, etc. All I need to do is master the HTML.

4. My publicity needs improvement. I welcome anybody who wishes to exchange links with me, so we can all expand our viewer traffic. Email me or drop a comment; I simply have too little blog links on my site. At least I do know that a lot of my readers come in from, and I have added that site in my list of live Feeds. Additionally, I’ve been trying to improve the situation of my Google Ads monetizing initiative: The thing just isn’t working at all, nobody’s clicking on them and I’m just not getting any income.

5. I’m considering changing my URL: I realize that ‘bokutachinosekai’ is really quite difficult to type for most, nobody ever bothers about its meaning, even the meaning itself is a bit lame. I have learned that if anyboody want a blog with high viewership, he needs a simple URL. is simple, is simple, is simple. That’s the kind of URL I need. What do you suggest I change it to? I don’t have many ideas on that part. I know it can be something catchy, that relates to me well, and all that. But I just can’t think of anything original.

If there’s anything you want to add to the list, feel free. Consumer feedback is a very good thing. That about sums it up for now. But, if you must really know why I suddenly decided to call for change… (No, it’s not about the new President of the USA)

I opned up my e-mail inbox yesterday to this:

… Yeah, now you know. I’m such a fag.

And now, I end off with this picture, and this quote which I cooked up just a few minutes ago.



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2 responses to “Another general blog post.

  1. gordon

    yo Ak, u have mentioned some very good points like having a simple URL do helps a lot. other than that blogging about stuffs people are interested in reading helps too. but before that marketing is very important too. going around and commenting on others’ blogs helps bring attention to yourself.

    having a neat and clean layout helps too. like for currently your layout is too side, i’m using a widescreen so your blog looks very long and reading is difficult as one has to read from extrem left to extreme right.

    lastly wordpress is the main reason. most anime bloggers uses wordpress. it’s embedded comments and expandable summary is awesome. if u wish now is a good time to start anew with no hassle, easy to use and it’s free.

    btw i have also added u on my blogroll. sorry for taking so long. ^^;

  2. AK

    I’ll keep that in mind. Thank you so much for the feedback. :)

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