Team Fortress 2!

That’s right folks, AK here has found himself yet another activity he can generate unproductive hours on!

The real way one should play TF2.

However, I do still get dragged down by immense lagging, even in the low latency servers. I blame the lappie once again. Almost all the games I run through with System Requirements Lab declare that everything in my computer meets the sysreqs, except that shitty Intel Graphics Processor graphcard. It is the sole reason this comp keeps failing epicly at sysreqs.

Looks like it’s gonna be a whole of LAN for me again. I’m starting to get better at the game already, all it takes is a willingness to part with $1.60 per hour of smooth gameplay with fairly respectable sound, graphics and hardware.

As it turns out, mum just got her Canon Powershot Prosumer back from repairs, and she’s not ready to loan it to me just yet (look, it wasn’t my fault it went caput, bro was hogging it the whole time to do his camwhoring). I don’t expect any photojournalism soon. Ish sadded.

Reminds me, I should post a rant about my brother one day. Of late I’ve been getting really pissed off at him for various reasons (mostly the inconsiderate things he does). then again, I’m still as lazy as ever to do something like that. Besides, I don’t think I should be acting that negatively. So yeah. A rant about my brother, in one paragraph.

I decided to pick up the Sekirei manga, having watched the first few episodes on Crunchyroll (anime hardly ever satisfies me as much as the manga does). My progress has been slow, as of now I’m only at the second chapter. Despite this, I’ve got more than my fair share of ecchi already. Looks like Sakurako-san is really liberal about the boobaga, there’s no ‘censorship’ (like how Akamatsu Ken-san does it) whatsoever.

I’ve been making plenty of trips down to Toys R’ Us lately. I had recently decided to relive my deprived childhood by buying as many Star Wars action figures as I could and playing around with them (in more mature terms, creating dioramas). So far I’ve got me a bunch of Episode III clones, a handful of Confederate droids (I can hold them alll in one hand), and pretty neat Captain Rex and a General Grievous, both from the same series. This should make for some decent fan-made storytelling. All I need now are some vehicles, and substantial background elements to create an environment.

Also Star Wars-related, my friend has finally persuaded me to get my own Clone trooper armour. Having admired Danny Choo (link at left) and other Storm/Clone trooper costumers for so long, yet put off by the immense capital and effort one had to put in, I finally made myself submit, just so I can have better things to do in my time rather than Facebooking all day (which just got even worse, now that I’ve added plenty more applications to my playlist). I would expect to pay about $1200 in total for a full suit (see below; this is what I’m making), as well as a lot of careful attention when cutting parts up. I’ve already started work on the soft parts (non-armour accessories), but it hasn’t been looking to good. And I don’t have a camera to show it. ARGH.

Finally reached level 10 in Forumwarz. Currently waiting for episode II. If you’re a fan of the Internets, memes and everything, you should consider giving this game a go too. You play as an ‘agent’ who visits forums and literally pwns them by posting non-related griefing business. It works like a turn-based RPG system, complete with items, equips, shops, interactive NPCs, and achievements (the best part)!

Not forgetting studies, now that the promotional exams are done (Ds for Chinese and Math, Es for Physics and Literature, and an S for Chemistry, KI unknown as of yet), the focus has shifted to KI (and fooling around in the school library). Oral Presentation is the next target, and the timetable for the next two weeks counting down to OP is practically filled with nothing but preparations. I shouldn’t worry too much about the speaking part of it, just I’m having problems coming up with ways I can up the standard of the presentation by injecting jabs of humour here and there. Much as I try to be a comedian (seeing people listen and laugh at my comments is what gets me through the day happily), I tend to fail at come up with funny stuff.

My Japanese is languishing. And I can’t do anything about it except attempt to converse with my Japanese friends, with embarrassing results. I just wish I had more time and freedom… And less laziness.

I should seriously start learning not to feel so pathetic with myself all the time, and just live and let live. I keep scrutinizing myself and revisiting awful memories of failure in hopes that I can improve myself one day. It doesn’t seem to be working though. To think that I know what I’m supposed to do, yet I’m still too LAZY to do it. Oh well, one step at a time. First step would be updating this blog with some incredibly long post. That oughta warm my blogging spirits up.

TL;DR My life story currently. Nothing much that is interesting, just had to update this blog. In other news, the near future looks… Unpredictable.


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4 responses to “Team Fortress 2!

  1. gordon

    where did u get the armour? mine is taking forever to arrive. >.<

    since u already have the armour, all u need now is to turn 18 to join the 501st. ^^;

  2. Xavier/Vern

    +1 zing for being honest enough to admit to being a weeaboo. :P Most others delude themselves. A writer you say…? How good is your writing? I admit I stumbled across your blog while checking an article on dannychoo. Perhaps we might be able to use another writer, try checking http://www.worldsofharuhi, for more info on our project. :)

  3. George

    Hello there

    How are you? I’m George. had a look at your blog today. I’m interested in doing a banner exchange with you. drop me a message if you are okay with it. Cheers!

    My email:


  4. AK

    @Gordon: Actually, I don’t have my armour yet. :P I just said I was going to work on it. I haven’t ordered the hard parts yet, I’m just doing whatever is within my ability right now.

    @Xavier: Thank you! Just seeing the name Haruhi in your link makes me want to join your prject without a doubt. I’m pretty good at writing although I’m still learning, but I’m always at the best of my ability.

    @George: Consider it done. Thanks.

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