Good Smile Company’s English Website Release!

*Clears the dust*

After yet another long period of absence (again, mostly due to Facebook, studying, and my most recent return to, I come back to blogging with this great announcement. Great only if you’re an avid collector of good Smile merch (figures and the like).

As you might’ve read from my contemporary blogs, the English Version of the Good Smile Company has finally been set up, thanks to the translators at who offered to help (I did chip in, but only very little due to my insignificant command of the language) and Danny Choo himself, a loyal friend to the people at Good Smile, who set up the site. Learn about all your latest Revoltech and figma releases (I intend to get Figma Tsuruya and Ryouko end of this year btw) and drop by at Danny’s corner where he will be reviewing his own Good Smile figures (given too him for free, damn). Do drop by to visit whenever you’re free, yeah?

For lack of anything else better to say today in this post, apart from my concerns that I’m absolutely not ready for the final exams, I’ll just be posting all the random pix I draw over MSN Messenger.

And a certain hand I happened to start a game of Hearts with:

You can tell. I’m bored as hell. Although, I did find plenty to do in my spare time, stuff which I can actually talk about on my blog. When I have the time. And when I’m not feeling lazy. Stuff like Touhou Hisouten (Scarlet Weather Rhapsody). Or all those Japanese-themed events I so happen to miss just because I don’t even know of their existences. Or my lack of funds. Or the Stormtrooper outfit I intend to build one day. Or the Star Wars Expanded Universe story I’m writing (when I have the time, and when I’m not feeling lazy). But whatever. Nothing else for now.


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3 responses to “Good Smile Company’s English Website Release!

  1. Panther

    OMGWTFLOL @ the Hearts hand.

  2. gordon

    dropping by to say hi again.

  3. AK

    Heheh, thanks for the hits.

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