Greetings after a long time!

Sup Guys, I’ve got good news and bad news.

The bad news is that I’m still alive. ONOZ.

The good news is that I’ve most recently found plenty of stuff to talk about. Like this:
And this:
But for the most part right now, this:

Focusing on the latter picture, I now would like to introduce a new category in which some of my future posts: Journalism. Now that I have new very own laptop and freedom to carry my mum’s Canon Powershot around, I am able to chronicle certain special events accurately and talk about them in more interesting detail right here on my blog.

Also, now that I realize it, I find myself in the perfect position for starting a new journalism section for this site. Many a times I see myself at the sideline of the action, taking everything in from the third-person point of view. Most of the time I form part of the background scenery; I can greet you ‘hello’ to lighten up your day and show my appreciation to you and only receive a curt nod and barely audible mumble in reply, listen intently to exciting discussions without once breathing a word, but mostly stone at one corner lost in my own thoughts while the world passes by me, occasionally slipping out of my trance to take in the surroundings. I have accepted this well as my position in life, to use my fantastic highly analytical instrument known as my brain to spectate from afar events that come and go, recording them down here together with my personal thoughts and feelings. At any time I may even choose to join in, to have a tiny taste of the experience first-hand, just to better understand how it goes. This, is what I feel is good journalism.

But enough about that. first post coming up, and it’s about the recent OGL amp I attended at my new school, Meridian Junior College. Reviews on my Astray and Compaq will follow soon after.

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