Hatsune Miku Recommends…

There’s a website that features your ideal Hatsune Miku song video according to your name and birthday. All you have to input is the month, followed by day, then your name into the blank spaces, and hit to button to the right.
This is mine, by the way:

Speaking of Hatsune Miku, I’ve been toying around with VOCALOID 2, having installed it just this afternoon. Was a bit confused about how I should go around inserting notes, until I downloaded an English Interface to overwrite the Japanese one (it’s not completely effective, by the way), and played around with the controls for about fifteen minutes. The great thing about me is I never consult manuals; I learn how to do something or do something more efficiently by toying around with it first and getting the hang of it, before thinking of alternate methods and modification and seeing if they work. Currently I’m getting Miku-chan to sing X-Japan’s Forever Love, and so far it’s been going very well (completed two verses). Will upload on YouTube when it’s done, not to worry.


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4 responses to “Hatsune Miku Recommends…

  1. Stifler

    Um, where did you get the english interface for Miku? I’ve been messing around with mine randomly but have no idea what anything does. lol

  2. Stifler

    Thanks for the link, man!

    Hey, this is ArmyCats’ site…Guess I’ll drop by and say hi.

  3. Kee Hui

    Hi, just interested to know where you got the vocaloid miku from??

    I wanted to buy but no idea where to get.

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