Haruhi-ism, Rain

It has been going on around me for the longest time now, and it only hit me recently that it’s becoming more than just a pseudo-religion to me.

A glance around my table at any given time I am at home will show these:
Pasted on the front. I got the picture on the left from a recent anime convention. Pretty decent fanart.
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My document file, which I carry around with me in school. I never put it in my school bag.
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Keitai strap.
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Inside the back cover of my file (something wrong with uploading)
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Beneath the shelf. Comes with the novelty products I buy from Comics Connection. May not be official merchandise, but I’m fine with it all the same.
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Something related. Back cover of my file.

Now you know.

There was an incident a few days ago, as I was cycling home after a jamming session with my friends (no, we only do VK Rock). Another cyclist passed by me as I went down the roadside walkway. From a stereo system somewhere around him, a Walkman Phone perhaps, came the familiar guitar riff from Haruhi’s God Knows. I immediately stopped the bike and watched him as he zoomed off behind me. I even had the urge to follow him. No, it’s all involuntary.

This is of grave concern. It’s starting to overtake me, Haruhi-ism.

I have to be frank with you. Personally, I dislike Haruhi. As I read the novels in the Baka-Tsuki translation site, I can’t help but agree with Kyon about her selfish and eccentric behaviour. Eccentric I don’t mind, but I detest selfishness in people, especially because I have a brother who tends to be self-centred too, at times (no, I love him very much as a brother, thank you). I fully support the statement “she believes the whole world revolves around her” because I used to use that quote on my brother too. But every time I look her pictures, at her deep yellow eyes, naturally angry eyebrows, yellow hair bow, and North High winter seifuku, I can’t help but think, “y’know, she’s actually just a normal high school girl who has a different perspective of the world (like me, but I view the world in a better sense :P ).” “And she’s so darn cute.”

Most recently I had my preliminary examinations in school. We had to take it in the hall, which had 8 cooler fans and 10 normal fans, along with plenty of ventilation. But I felt like roast chicken in there. Rather, my hands. They were so sweaty I left moisture all over my pen, I almost smudged the ink on my paper, and left marks all over the desk. Bleh.

Today poured heavily after school (we had Geography today, by the way. I never expected it to be so easy). I had to pay up for my orders for the class photographs, and had to run home in the rain (humming Endless Rain by X-Japan as I did so), grab and umbrella (a huge Taylormade one, big enough to shelter three people but leave their ankles sopping wet) and my bike, and head for the bank to withdraw money from my savings. Along the way I escorted two classmates (I don’t get what’s so special about sharing an umbrella with a girl. maybe that’s cos I was pushing my bike in between) to their blocks, good thing it was along the way. My shins down were wet, sure enough, along with the whole left side of my uniform (the umbrella wasn’t big enough for three people and a bicycle, apparently). After securing the payment I accompanied another two more to their houses, and along the way back home I passed by the school gate and admitted a whole bunch of about 6 random people running down the carpark to the opposite side of the road.

It felt really great, being Good Samaritan for the day. Every day I try to assimilate myself into Japanese culture (OMG Geek lulz), and Japanese culture includes willingness to go out of one’s way to help others. It was no problem for me as I’m naturally a very generous and helpful person, even before I decided to start acting like a Japanese.

The best part was it was Friday. I had no worries wetting my uniform pants or my shoes. While I walked I noticed that Singapore walkways tend to hold a lot of water in them. Stamping in the pavement produces a splash that reaches my knees. I was reminded of my childhood days when I used to play in the rain in my raincoat and Wellington boots. Ah, the nostalgia.

The songs I’m listening to at the moment are from the SuzuHaru character soundtracks. Asahina-san’s Toki no Puzzle and Nagato-san’s Yuki, Muon, Madobe Nite. and Haruhi-san’s Parallel Days are my favourites. Also, while searching for translations of said songs and other Japanese songs in my playlist (I tend to do that all the time. I find that Japanese songs have a lot of feeling and meaning in their lyrics), I couldn’t help but notice that ‘Lost My Music’ has a lot of relation with a love story I’m currently working on (yes, I still find time for these things during the exam period).

Speaking of which, I was really influenced by The Disappearance of Suzumiya Haruhi when I read it that I wanted to write a fanfiction (haven’t done so in a long time as I had ingrained in my mind the fact that fanfiction is stupid) on SuzuHaru where the characters take on each other’s roles. Imagine an eccentris Kyon, an Emo Haruhi, a forever-smiling Nagato, a silent, inpervious Mikuru, and most importantly, a timid but awesomely pretty Itsuki. But I find it scary to imagine Kyon ambushing Itsuki and getting him to cosplay… *shudder*

More stuff about Japan soon. Meanwhile, thank you for relieving Japan of your problems, Abe-sama, and do your very best, Rozen Aso-sama.

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