12-12-06 (One of the few days which ca never get mixed up between the English and American calendars)

Today was like any other regular Tuesday during the vacation, except I had a whole new bizzare dream (me, being an NCC Sergeant, commanding a squadron of female marionettes (or mannequins, if you like), leading them in a FIBUA (fighting in built-up areas) mission and carelessly leaving my rifle somehwere around (though I was more like unaware I even lost it) (no difference, f that happens in real life I’m a goner).) which ended up with me waking up slightly later than usual, at around 11.

Dad’s asked the three of us me, brother and sister) to hit the library this afternoon and borrow some books so we can spend the rest of our holidays doing more worthwhile stuff like reading books instead of whiling our time away on the comp and wasting the electricity bill. I did spend some time forum-ing and catching up on episodes 8, 9 and 10 of Death Note on Youtube, though, before having lunch, then catching some Saber Marionette J to X on Animax channel before setting off.

We headed to the nearby mall first, as it was pouring rather heavily and there would be no shelter during the journey from the bus interchange (and mall) to the library. I checked out my usual spots (my good friend at the Gaming Zone shop wasn’t around with his PS2, so there weren’t any free games to play today), and when the rain finally stopped to the library I went.

We spent quite a long time there, individually. I read a book about the country of Japan, that explains its geography, history, cultures and other related stuff, followed by one part of a manga series that chronicles the life and times of Buddha, followed by a Tom Clancy novel (Splinter Cell), which I only managed to read halfway before I felt it was time to go. I ended up borrowing the Tom Clancy book, one called “Kafka by the Shore” by Murakami Haruki, “Goodbye Tsugumi” by Yoshimoto Banana, and a non-fiction book on the difference perspectives of Terrorism.

I find Haruki’s book rather interesting and inspiring. The main character of the story, Temura Kafka, seems to remind me of myself a lot, somehow drawn back from society, spending time with himself, reminscing about stuff, that kinda thing. It’s really a fresh read.

Oh, and all the while I forgot to cancel my jamming session with my friends. Kwee. I bet they’re all mad at me right now. Oh well. Deal with it later.

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