ArcherKnight ‘s Training Day!

What’s ArcherKnight, you might ask? It’s just another name I found to fit my initials, AK.

Anyway, those pictures you see up there was taken this afternoon. See, having challenged a certain member in a certain Anime Forum to a Roleplay Duel thread, anf having tken up the new RP Duel title of ArcherKnight, I decided to go out to the archery range with some friends to have a feel of how nocking and loosing an arrow with a bow really feels like, so that I can portray my battle moves more realistically (yes, I incidentally put in that kind of effort). The guys you see in the middle, they are all me. I’m holding a normal wooden Curve bow, without any sights. es, without any sights. So, I didn’t know how or where to aim. As a result, I just aimed the best I could. Some of my arrows flew completely out of range from the target (mostly due to me taking fast potshots without aiming), some were lucky enough to hit the outer rings of the target, and a handful were lucky enough to land in the middle spot. The experience was enriching and fun-filled, nonetheless.
If you happen to take notice of the guy to my right (his name is Ron, and he was the level 70+ MapleStory Hunter/ best friend who introduced me, a level 17 MapleStory Bowman, to arrow shooting) and his bow, you’ll notice that his is very different from the one I was using. It’s something called a Compound bow, and it is so-called as it consists of a metal frame, and system of compound strings, and a special loosing system which hangs off your wrist and you operate with a flick of your finger. You had to undertake a course to use that, he said. And that course costs over a 100 bucks. Meh. (Note: Ron is a left-handed archer, which is rare.)

I went over to the nearby bowling alley afterwards, and found some of my school friends there at the pool tables, and joined in. Now, I have played Pool qutie a few times now, so I’m not exactly a newbie at it. Managed to pot at least 5 balls in a row, before missing my shot at the 8-ball and losing the game. Oh, well. I’ll do better next time.

Since I don’t have any more space to put up my desktop picture right now, I’ll do it next entry.

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